Sitecore Discover: ‘Hyper-Individual’ Search Results for Your Online Customers

Sitecore Discover improves digital interactions with your online customers, providing them with a personal shopping experience with ‘hyper-individualized’ search results, in real time. The AI behind Sitecore Discover ensures that customers always see the products that are most relevant to them.

Advanced AI Solution for Ecommerce

More relevant, personal search results naturally lead to a higher conversion rate. With Sitecore Discover, Sitecore effectively links together clicks, products and customer preferences. This is important, as each visitor to your website obviously has different needs and interests.

In order to serve each customer properly, it’s necessary to offer optimal search results in combination with tailor-made recommendations. Sitecore is constantly improving its digital experience platform (DXP). The AI-driven search solution from Reflektion, the company acquired by Sitecore last year, is the foundation of Sitecore Discover.

Plenty of Room for Optimization

Sitecore Discover, which uses the AI ​​search technology developed by Reflektion, helps e-commerce parties to serve their customers better. When relevant and personal search results are displayed, customers make faster decisions. The result is more satisfied and loyalty customers and – especially in the long term – higher turnover.

The new solution on Sitecore’s DXP offers numerous useful features. For example there’s the possibility of engaging in A/B-testing and thus getting to understand customers’ behavior better. But there are also features for optimizing product categories, support for search engine optimization (SEO) and insights through analytics. Organizations operating in different countries or language regions can use Discover to differentiate by country or language region in various ways.

Macaw and Sitecore

In e-commerce, details are often what make the difference between success and failure. Nobody is more aware than we are that organizations need to have various internal and external aspects properly organized digitally in order to win over and retain customers.

As a Sitecore Platinum Partner, we put our Sitecore knowledge and experience to work for our clients. We have chosen Sitecore for good reason: with its DXP, it has emerged as a market leader in recent years, and continues to invest heavily in its platform. We also use Sitecore because we believe that with it we can help our clients even more effectively to accelerate their digital transformation.

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