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With the right content marketing strategy, you can strengthen your brand, build long-term customer loyalty, or even open up to new markets and target groups.
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The internet has always been about content. But only in recent years has content marketing become a top priority. And the competition has never been so fierce. When it comes to providing your target group with truly relevant information, answering their specific questions, and positioning your own brand, content marketing is the way to do that.

Data-based Content Marketing for long-term success

But how do you create smart, entertaining, and useful content that captures the hearts and minds of customers or partners? By creating it based on data-driven knowledge about your target group, such as by using social listening or keyword research. This knowledge not only helps develop a holistic content strategy for your brand, but it also helps with the scalability of your content marketing and determining the perfect way to deliver your message – be it infographics, storytelling, or teaming up with content creators who prepare content in a channel-specific way and communicate it authentically. This way, we awaken positive associations and strengthen your brand – in addition to traditional product marketing.

What can content marketing do for your business?

With the right content marketing strategy, you can influence your brand perception, increase customer loyalty, or even open up to new markets and target groups to set yourself apart from the competition. In addition, content marketing helps you secure your innovation by strengthening your brand with relevant content and finding and retaining qualified employees.

Our Content Marketing services

  • Data-based content strategy and consulting
  • Strategic brand and communication workshops
  • Evaluation, installation, and use of suitable tool solutions
  • Creation of SEO audits and keyword analysis
  • Content planning, creation, and support for websites, social media, and content hubs
  • Creation of infographics, animations, and videos

Would you like to learn more about our content marketing services? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

More Digital Marketing
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No matter what your goal is: Macaw develops holistic, data-driven campaign strategies, offering concept, execution, and follow-up from a single source.
Social Media & Influencer Marketing
Social media is more than just a fan page. When it comes to social media marketing, Macaw relies on data analysis and in-depth knowledge of your target audience. Communication with purpose, creativity, and goal-oriented.

Macaw's Way of Working

  • Strategy

    From brand identity to ambition, Macaw will help you shape a successful customer strategy. We’ll map out your business values and goals and formulate an attractive, clear proposition, focusing on growth and effectiveness. As a digital partner, we have been using our disruptive power of technology and ingenuity for over 25 years, helping our clients’ businesses move forward digitally and innovatively.

  • Design & Build

    From concept and design to development and user adoption, Macaw will provide you with the tools that contribute to great customer experience and employee productivity. Our team will bring a startup mindset and flexible methodologies to the table. We’ll help you create value in ways that surprise your customers, empower employees and improve operational effectiveness.

  • Run & Optimize

    We’ll ensure that your organization has fast, secure and reliable systems that are easy to scale every day. Completely compliant and valued by the people who have to work with them. Not only will we help you maintain these environments, we’ll make sure that they move in line with the changing wishes and demands of your company.

Macaw | Full-service digital partner

What is your challenge?

We are happy to help you to create a unique customer experience, empowering your employees and optimizing your IT Operations. These are the components for a successful digital transformation within your organization. Looking for a sparring partner or ready for tailor-made advice? Make an appointment or call us. Our experts are ready for your challenge.

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