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A powerful online customer experience is essential these days if an organization is to retain its customers. With the Sitecore Experience Commerce software platform, brands can fully personalize the end-to-end shopping experience. This allows them to create a unique experience, from initial interaction to shopping cart.

Omnichannel strategy

In the current online landscape, you can come into contact with your target group and actual or potential customers through many different channels. For many organizations, an omnichannel e-commerce strategy is the standard way to communicate a consistent brand message across both online and offline channels. Tailoring this message personally to the customer through multiple channels, the large volumes of content associated with such a strategy and the various links that are needed all require a reliable content management system (CMS). When your organization uses an e-commerce CMS, it’s important that other systems –such as an ERP and CRM system – can be connected to it. This ensures that the focus can remain on optimizing the customer experience.

Using the Sitecore Experience Platform as a CMS gives you a good basis for combining customer data, personalization and marketing campaigns. Moreover, it enables you to continuously improve your platform and your organization. If you also want to actively sell online as an organization, Sitecore Experience Commerce is a logical extension of your existing CMS, giving you all the operational components for selling products online, such as product catalogues, customer insights and information about orders and stock.

The benefits of Sitecore Experience Commerce as an e-commerce CMS

Sitecore Experience Commerce fully equips your organization to give your customers the perfect e-commerce experience, including promoting your products and all the operational tools to manage your processes in detail. It means that you’re prepared for the future and can respond to changes in customer behavior.

Data-driven personalization

Personalization is critical to any digital store, increasing involvement and interest, and above all the conversion rate. Sitecore enables this personalization to be achieved for both known and anonymous visitors. Organizations can use a variety of personalization options on the basis of customer segmentation, customer activities, order history or shopping cart activity, supplemented with customized rules and product data.

Communicate your proposition to the customer

To create demand for your product or brand, you will first need to achieve traction through the correct use of promotional push and pull channels. Within Sitecore Experience Commerce you can use the promotion management module to deploy predefined promotions, set up on the basis of customer or product data segmentation. By bringing these tools together, you can provide customers with multiple unique and personalized experiences – ideal for up- and cross-selling your offer.

All operational commerce tools

Obviously, important operational processes are involved in creating an e-commerce platform. From the CMS you can manage price, orders, stock and all other processes to do with your products. In addition, various integrations and links are possible for sending orders or digitally forwarding information about your stock and product range. As a result, you can also present stock on marketplaces in order to reach a new market. The platform also contains a module for managing registered visitors and customers, making it easy to create up-to-date profiles with a cross-channel customer history.

There is no other e-commerce platform that combines all these possibilities in a single solution. If you’d like to know more about the possibilities offered by Sitecore Experience Commerce, see the brochure.

Macaw combines e-commerce CMS with smart data

Macaw is a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner and is experienced in developing data-driven commerce platforms. Based on the insights from Sitecore Experience Analytics and Google Analytics, we provide you with in-depth insights that allow you to truly understand your customers, build close customer relationships and optimize your marketing strategy in a data-driven way. If you want to go one step further as an organization, you may want to consider a customer data platform. By supplementing customer data with external sources, we create a 360º customer view that helps you understand and predict customer preferences.

Get started with your e-commerce CMS right now

At Macaw, we join forces with our customers to meet their challenges. We contribute our years of experience and our best practices, templates and playbooks to reduce risks and costs and speed up implementation. Using the Sitecore Experience Accelerator, project teams can work on a CMS in different phases at the same time. For example, an internal team within an organization can place content directly in the e-commerce CMS while our specialists work on the theme and the data systems. Even after completion, our consultants will continue to advise on further growth. Want to kickstart online sales as a B2B organization? Check out our Commerce Quick Start for B2B: within eight weeks you can have a fully operational omnichannel e-commerce platform.

Are you ready to start selling online using the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform? Or would you like to know more about the other options Sitecore offers? Our experts will be happy to help you.

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