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Aging and a pandemic have made more and more organizations aware of the scarcity in the labor market. Even now, as growth lags for many and with a contraction in the economy, the pressure on the labor market remains unchanged. 

Attracting talent has never been so difficult. Not only because of scarcity, but also because the expectations and skills of young talents are ahead of the digital reality of organizations. Therefore, developing digital talent is also a top priority. 

With the breakthrough of AI, it becomes increasingly clear that continuous learning of new skills is of utmost importance. And we’re not just talking about learning how to prompt a GenAI co-pilot. 

Strategic Goals 

With the breakthrough of GenAI and the rapid rise of co-pilots, the short-term focus is primarily on digital productivity of employees. To remain competitive, organizations must re-examine the gains they can achieve in their processes and individual roles. However, this is not just about keeping up with the competition. Ultimately, new competitive capabilities must be found in the creative use of AI, data, and technology by employees. 

In the boardroom, there is also increasing thought about the long-term impact of the future talent agenda. Do employees have the space to learn new things and adapt? How can we innovate faster? Are the goals clear? And do people feel connected and motivated? According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, 70 percent of employees would like to be supported by AI tooling in response to high work pressure. AI saves employees time, which they can then spend on strategic tasks. 

Barriers Away 

A great example of the development of digital skills among employees was seen in recent years with the rise of the ‘citizen developer’. Employees without a technical background who made their own apps using low-code tooling. The same applies to self-service business intelligence, where data has been made accessible for use in the workplace. Thanks to transparency in strategic goals and value, good governance, and the right adoption strategy for these new tools, organizations have made strides in their digitalization. 

But it goes further than that. If generative AI (GenAI) is deployed, would the data be ready? Are documents easily searchable, or are they protected? Can people collaborate online? And are systems not too fragmented? The cloud is increasingly becoming the basis in which structure and governance can be managed to then also capitalize on the value of new technology. HR and IT will need to come together to create a plan for where and how new technology can support employees and what new skills need to be developed for this. 


Future talent is not just the domain of new generations. There is an immense amount of knowledge available that cuts across generations. GenAI is a driving force behind renewed knowledge management. It’s not just about technical possibilities, much more important is the contribution it makes to innovation, knowledge sharing, and connection. Place your employee at the center, and together with our designers, architects, and engineers, we can create something beautiful. 

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Heineken is making a digital leap with Macaw and the Microsoft Power Platform. More than 4000 employees have developed 8000 Power Apps, resulting in more efficient processes and increased productivity. Heineken aims to increase the number of app developers to 10,000 by 2025.
Klaverblad Verzekeringen
Klaverblad Verzekeringen modernized their knowledge management system with Macaw. This improved collaboration and communication within the organization and led to more efficient information management. The rollout of these systems was a crucial step in their digital transformation.
With the goal of increasing employee productivity, FrieslandCampina implemented the Power Platform together with Macaw. This resulted in the development of various smart business apps and significant time savings within the organization.
Schoeller Allibert
Together with Macaw, Schoeller Allibert implemented Microsoft 365. This internally led to improved collaboration and communication, with over 1000 daily users of the platform and Teams. This resulted in increased productivity and a streamlined, secure digital work environment.
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