Better Customer Relationships and Effective Marketing Campaigns with Sitecore Send

The new cloud solution for marketers lays the foundation for better conversations with customers, wherever they may be. Sitecore Send also makes it easy to quickly design, adapt and automate marketing campaigns.

One-to-one with your customers with Sitecore Send

One of the latest components of Sitecore’s digital experience platform (DXP) is Sitecore Send. This cloud solution for marketers makes it possible to deliver a more personalized customer experience, no matter where the customer is. Context is central to every conversation, which is also easy to design thanks to user-friendly software.

Without requiring a lot of technical know-how, you can launch extensive marketing campaigns with automated content. You can craft conversations in advance using intuitive drag and drop menus, and with pre-built templates for different types of campaigns, rapidly designing the ultimate customer journey has become a piece of cake, as has the ability to respond quickly to customers and their questions via any channel.

Sitecore Send is Based on Moosend

Sitecore is firmly committed to the further development of its platform and made several major acquisitions in 2021. Sitecore knows that in order to be a leading DXP player, a DXP must support the entire customer journey, and that this is becoming increasingly data-driven.

At the same time, the architectural landscape is changing and businesses need to focus on this too in order to be able to innovate quickly. An architecture based on Microservices, APIs, Cloud-based SaaS and Headless (MACH) has been chosen, and parties with technologies reflecting this were chosen for the acquisitions in 2021. One of these is the marketing automation and campaign management platform Moosend, whose technology now forms the basis of Sitecore Send.

Running, Measuring, Adapting and Automating Campaigns

Sitecore Send, with Moosend technology under the hood, goes far beyond the previous marketing automation solution Sitecore offered with Sitecore XP. Marketers sometimes saw this solution as too limited when they were looking for a broader and deeper approach to support within the customer journey. The new Sitecore component offers advanced and distinctive features that focus on delivering a personalized customer experience across all channels.

As a marketer you can easily run campaigns, measure the results, make adjustments and automate workflows. Sitecore Send uses APIs to create a ‘silo-free’ system, allowing you to build and automate marketing campaigns and nurture customer relationships across multiple channels. By continuously collecting customer data in a central database with the user’s consent, you also lay the foundation for an even more personalized future customer experience.

Macaw and Sitecore

Do you want to offer your customer an optimal and personalized customer experience? If so, as an organization you need to have various digital aspects properly organized and attuned to each other. One of these aspects is the DXP, where Sitecore is the market leader through its focus on a product strategy based on MACH principles.

Here at Macaw, we have made a conscious choice in favor of this technology and these principles, and as a proud Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner it is our abiding ambition to excel in expertise and experience. We welcome recent developments such as the arrival of Sitecore Send, as they allow us to help our customers even more effectively to accelerate their digital transformation.

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