tips for getting maximum added value from your digital experience platform

4 tips for getting maximum added value from your digital experience platform

Is your organization ready for the next step in being digital? This white paper identifies the biggest challenges for the CMO and CTO when deploying a digital experience platform. It also offers you concrete tips for the successful implementation and adoption of your platform.

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The importance of a digital experience platform in the new normal

During the coronavirus pandemic, the last target groups finally changed tack: digital services, such as e-commerce, have definitely won a place for themselves, within both B2B and B2C. As a result, a digital shift is also taking place in the field of customer experience: having the right message, at the right time and via the right channel is now expected.

A digital experience platform (DXP) combines customer data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and marketing automation. It enables your organization to deliver personalized content in real time at every stage of the customer journey, and across all channels.

New challenges for the CMO and CTO

A DXP provides many new opportunities in the areas of marketing and sales activities, but also creates a number of new challenges for the CMO and CTO. For example, in addition to having maximum return on investment (ROI), the CMO also wants to know how to build and optimize a frictionless customer journey. The CTO, on the other hand, looks at the existing IT landscape. How can a DXP be got off the ground, and does it contribute to scalability and flexibility?

4 tips for maximum added value

In this whitepaper we give you 4 concrete tips that ensure a DXP delivers maximum added value to your organization. This means that you can lead the way with a seamless customer experience and at the same time be sure of having a future-proof DXP.

Are you keen to read these tips? If so, read the whitepaper.

Get maximum value from your DXP

In this white paper we look at the biggest challenges for the CMO and the CTO and we give you four concrete tips for getting maximum value from your platform.

digital experience platform whitepaper

Read the whitepaper

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