Sitecore Customer Data Platform

The Sitecore Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides companies with a powerful tool for their marketing campaigns. The platform helps them find, win over and retain new customers. The key is the use of omnichannel customer data to ensure personalization and accurate insights every time.

Sitecore CDP Helps you Understand Each Customer

Organizations that use the Sitecore Customer Data Platform are able to give direction to their marketing efforts. The platform helps them create profiles based on historical, transactional and/or behavioral customer data. A complete, 360-degree view of each customer is created during the personalized customer journey. The Sitecore CDP also segments customer data on the basis of characteristics, behavior and transactions, allowing you to use your marketing tools much more effectively.

Actionable insights for Your Marketing Campaigns

Sitecore CDP takes a privacy by design approach to your organization’s data, with several (PII and non-PII) configuration options. First-, second- and third-party data can be used in combination with the platform to generate actionable insights that are of great value for your marketing campaigns. Sitecore helps your marketing personnel collect and connect data from different channels. With this increased visibility you can turn every relationship into a recurrent customer!

Sitecore and Boxever

In the spring of 2021, Sitecore announced that it had acquired the customer data platform Boxever. This was followed by a rebranding process that resulted in Sitecore CDP. As a cloud-based platform, Sitecore CDP shares a number of features with the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), including the ability to scale and integrations with external systems.

Where Sitecore CDP really sets itself apart is in terms of extensive personalization based on customer data. Depending on who exactly the customer is, Sitecore CDP helps marketers decide what the best next steps are and in which channel they should be taken. The platform also has extensive possibilities for A/B testing new marketing strategies and rolling out changes in digital products and on websites in a secure and controlled manner.

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