Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC): a personalized online purchase process for every visitor!

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What is Sitecore Experience Commerce?

By combining the features of the Sitecore Experience Platform and the Experience Commerce solution, you can cover the entire customer journey: from inspiring potential customers to facilitating the eventual transaction. Everything is possible with the use of just one platform, so that the customer journey runs smoothly.

Running your website and webshop on two completely different systems is disastrous for the customer journey: you need to create a hassle-free user experience at all contact moments.
This will bring your organization numerous benefits, including:

  • A higher return on investment (ROI);
  • More opportunities for cross and up-selling;
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Sitecore Experience Commerce is the platform of choice to help you achieve this goal!

Create a unique customer buying experience

It’s important to personalize each buying experience, because every customer has different wishes and wants to be served with attentiveness and dedication. Sitecore XC allows you to combine various items of customer data – including search and buying behavior, but also information such as first name and surname so you can address customers personally – and provide a tailor-made experience.

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Personalized purchasing process for B2B

How can an XC solution use customer data to create a unique purchasing process for B2B customers? Suppose you work at Business Y. Person X has previously bought three products, and we know that product four would be a logical follow-on purchase. On logging in, on any device, he or she will be presented with a personalized home page with an offer for product four through Sitecore Experience Commerce. If X has made a specific price agreement with Business Y, as a customer of that company he or she will immediately be shown the adjusted prices.

As well as applying separate prices for each customer, the solution also enables you to display a different product range for each customer and to keep separate stocks. As a result, your order portal becomes truly customer-specific!

Marketing automation

With Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) you create complete and complex marketing automation flows. Again, everything revolves around the customer and behavioral data available to you, on the basis of which you make marketing decisions. Should we send the customer an email with a survey a few days after the purchase process? Should the customer receive a reminder if a product is still in the digital shopping cart, but hasn’t been paid for yet? This helps you to increase conversion (CRO) or average order value.

Sitecore also collects data from the interactions that take place on all digital touchpoints. When someone shops or surfs on your website, looks at your products, clicks on pages and/or downloads brochures, the advanced lead scoring mechanism behind the platform keeps track of all these customer interactions. You can use these data to automatically carry out follow-up actions. This is the core of marketing automation.

Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) is an extremely flexible and scalable platform that easily integrates with back office applications such as an ERP and CRM system, as well as with other relevant systems such as a PIM or DAM.

Integration with the Sitecore Experience Accelerator

One of the features within Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) is the Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA). This is a toolbox you can use as a marketeer or content editor to manage content and web pages yourself.

SXA contains more than a hundred different components with which you can put together your webshop and/or site. It’s been developed to keep business and IT separate. IT ensures that the platform is integrated and that this toolkit is available to the end user – the business user – who can use it to design the ultimate customer experience.

So why is it so important to build a wall between business and IT? Because marketeers, communications people and e-commerce staff are the ones with the most knowledge, or data, about their customers. With these data they can easily assemble pages themselves: they don’t need the IT department for this at all!

You can also easily distribute your content across different channels, and this can be automated so that manual actions become a thing of the past. Sitecore XC therefore comes into its own within organizations with websites and webshops for multiple countries and in different languages.

A future-proof Sitecore e-commerce platform for your business

Macaw is a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner and provides strategic advice on the digital transformation of your organization and the development of your e-commerce concept. We can also work on the design, implementation and adoption of your Sitecore e-commerce platform.

We can continuously optimize your e-commerce platform based on the KPIs that are relevant to your situation. Whether the focus is on CRO, a higher ROI or more cross and up-selling, we analyze the data to draw conclusions. What’s working best? What’s not working?  As a result, Sitecore Experience Commerce delivers the maximum value for your organization!

Want to learn more about Sitecore Commerce?
Contact us for personal advice or read the brochure for all the ins and outs of Sitecore Commerce.
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Case study

B2B lead generation at Schmitz Cargobull

As a digital pioneer in the market, SCB was ready for the next step in digital marketing and commerce. The Sitecore platform ensures SCB a consistent brand image in 40 countries, faster time-to-market, a lower operational spend and, above all, a strategic lead follow-up tool. The introduction of profiles also enables the site to meet customers’ needs better, and the number of visitors has more than doubled. Intrigued?

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Getting Started

SitecoreCommerce Quick Start

To get you up and running quickly with Sitecore Experience Commerce, Macaw has partnered with Sitecore to develop the Sitecore XC Quick Start. With this you’ll be live in eight weeks and able to start selling online. Intrigued? Read more about it here!