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The Sitecore Commerce Quick Start for B2B

Give your B2B online sales a kick-start with the Macaw Sitecore Commerce Quick Start for B2B. Within eight weeks, you will have a fully operational omni-channel e-commerce platform or web shop. You will then be able to start selling immediately. This is how, together with Macaw, you will make your business future-proof in double-quick time.

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Commerce Quick Start

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Future-proof business

Covid-19 has led to challenging times for the business community. If this period has shown anything at all, it is that digital business ensures your enterprise is future-proof. E-commerce has definitely secured a position in the commercial strategy of B2B enterprises. Those who have invested in e-commerce in the past few years are now reaping the benefits. Those who have not yet done so will have to pull out all the stops if they are to be in a position to compete against market participants that already have at their disposal a fully set up digital commercial infrastructure. A short time-to-market of a new e-commerce platform is therefore pivotal. With the Macaw Sitecore Commerce Quick Start for B2B, this will be within easy reach of your organisation!

Our Quick Start solution

The Macaw Sitecore Commerce Quick Start for B2B has been developed in partnership with Sitecore and offers a fully operational B2B commerce platform. The platform is fast, secure as well as scalable and has its own branded storefront. In eight weeks’ time, you will be equipped to begin selling online.

The Macaw Quick Start solution consists of the installation and configuration of the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform and Sitecore Experience Commerce B2B accelerator. The latter enables advanced B2B functions to be added to the Sitecore platform. With the Sitecore Commerce Quick Start for B2B, you will get:

  • a web shop that is in keeping with your brand identity, featuring among other things a home page, pages with product lists and details, a registration page for new customers, a login option for existing customers, extensive options to order and a My Account environment.
  • a streamlined order-to-cash process for B2B, including personalised product catalogues with corresponding dynamic product prices, the possibility to order in bulk, the online completion of offers plus an integrated credit management system.
  • advanced back-end tooling to manage your product catalogues, update prices, define cross- & upsell items and promotions, track and process orders, administer stocks or keep customer information up to the minute.

During the Macaw Sitecore Commerce Quick Start for B2B, experts from Macaw will make sure that digital channels, too, will allow you to reach and expand your market.

The advantages for your business

In eight weeks’ time, your e-commerce platform will be live and you will be able to approach the market via digital means too. So, in no time at all, you will have your own online sales channel as well as the capacity to learn what you still need to improve and thus to direct the optimisation of your e-commerce strategy and platform. Thanks to the short time needed to implement the Macaw Sitecore Commerce Quick Start for B2B, your return on investment (ROI) will get a boost.

The advantages of the Quick Start solution are:

  • an ROI boost because of a shorter implementation period
  • greater customer loyalty because of a better B2B user experience
  • higher employee productivity because of more efficient back-end tooling

Macaw will stay involved even after you have gone live. In this way, we ensure you make the most of your e-commerce. Furthermore, we will look at potentially new services that add value to your commercial strategy.

Would you like to know more about the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform?

Would you like to know more about the advanced features of the Sitecore Commerce B2B accelerator?

The Quick Start solution at a glance

  • Best-in-class commerce platform
    The Quick Start offer is based on the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform. We install and configure this platform and make use of commercial functions that are available ready-made. Read more about the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform.
  • Complex B2B transaction possibilities
    The Sitecore Commerce B2B accelerator improves the possibilities provided via the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform by way of advanced B2B commerce functions. Download the B2B accelerator brochure for more information.
  • Future-proof infrastructure
    The use of Microsoft Azure cloud services ensures better performance, greater reliability and scalability of the commerce platform.
  • ROI boost
    Because we observe best practices and standards for implementation, we can keep the turnaround time of projects very short and deliver this solution within eight weeks. This enables a boost to your return on investment.
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Commerce Quick Start

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