content crisis to consistency and efficiency

From content crisis to consistency and efficiency

Is your marketing strategy based on content, and are you facing the challenge of creating an optimal experience for every channel and every contact moment in the customer journey? In this blog post, you can read how to achieve consistent and efficient collaboration between your internal teams and your external agencies.

content crisis

The content crisis

Your customers expect a flawless and relevant experience at every contact moment. When content bears the brunt of your marketing strategy, it can sometimes become a true challenge to create a suitable customer experience for every channel. Your website, social media channels, blogs and gated content all serve a wide range of customer needs and require specific content formats. This puts pressure on the marketing agenda, and more than half of all marketers create at least one content item every day.

“95% of senior marketers say accelerating the creation and publication of personalized digital content is top of their list of priorities.”

For corporate and enterprise organizations, a further factor is that content needs to be produced on a large scale with a high distribution speed. Add to that your different markets, languages and target groups and the content crisis is complete. How do you keep an overview of all your communications and internal and external editing processes while maintaining a uniform house style at the same time? Manageability is a challenge for many marketing managers and team members.

“Only 5% of marketers have a good system for producing, managing and distributing content. Only 14% of content marketers have the right technology to manage content processes.”

You can find more figures about the state of digital marketing in this infographic from Sitecore.

The content crisis is over

The fact that entire sales and marketing departments have been working from home since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis has only exacerbated the content crisis. Do you want to be and remain relevant as an organization to your target group? If so, a different approach is needed, because you won’t solve the crisis simply by working harder. Instead, you need a platform where everything comes together in one place and that enables you to safeguard your content strategy in terms of both quality and volume.

A consistent and efficient content approach

In our experience, the ideal solution for this is the Sitecore Content Hub. With this platform you can bring together all channels in a single location for content creation, distribution, management and analysis. This gives you a good overview and ensures consistency and a uniform house style. It also means that the internal team and external agencies can work together better and faster. You can manage the editing process from the hub, and no longer have to deal with countless separate emails.

The platform saves a lot of time and contributes to your marketing goals; that time can then be spent on creating and further optimizing personalized content and campaigns.

Want to know more about the Content Hub?

In the blog post The Content Hub: working together on rock-solid content you can read about what a content hub is and what its advantages are. Alternatively, read the blog post Three examples of the Content Hub in practice to find out how companies use the hub to optimize their marketing processes and content.

Want to know more about Content Hub?

Do you have so much content across different teams and in different languages that you no longer feel in control? With a content hub, you can efficiently create, plan and distribute your content across different channels from a single location. Find out how it works in this webinar.

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