Build golden records with Profisee

Without golden records, you will never achieve data-driven work. Often, organizations struggle to reliably recognize their relationships (customers, suppliers, employees), products, services, and assets across domains. Profisee assists in this aspect, enabling you to build a reliable 360-degree customer view. This prepares your organization for trustworthy analysis and effective decision-making

Consistency is crucial

Is a customer recognized when registered in your webshop, CRM system, and newsletter? That is often difficult to determine due to different registrations in various ways and places. For example, an insurance company may encounter the same customer through auto claims, home insurance, and legal assistance. Does the organization consider this customer as 1, 2, or 3 unique relationships? Additionally, this customer may have different characteristics in different systems. The better the digital recognition, the greater the chance for appropriate engagement and assistance. By ensuring effective master data management, you can work centrally with this data, building a central customer portal, while departments maintain their own systems and processes for their respective products and services.

What is Profisee?

Profisee is a Master Data Management (MDM) platform that helps improve data quality and provides a unified view of the data. Profisee enhances data quality and matches data using data quality and matching rules, storing the results. These golden records serve as the foundation for building a 360-degree view of customers or assets, which is crucial in the journey towards becoming a data-driven organization.

The benefits of Profisee

With Profisee, you create a single version of the truth that the entire organization can rely on. With every change, there is an automated data quality check. For instance, if customer service inputs a postal code as “1234 ab” instead of “1234AB,” you can ensure that this record is correctly stored through approval flows, with or without the involvement of a data steward. By linking records to access rights, governance and security also improve. It becomes clear who has access to classified data under GDPR regulations and who possesses access passes.

With Profisee, data will become:

  • Consolidated
  • Accurate
  • Up-to-date
  • Complete
  • Consistent
  • Extracted from silos
  • Better managed

    Scalable and configurable

    Profisee offers several technical advantages. It is scalable, works across different domains, runs in Azure, and can be deployed on-premises. Profisee can be installed through the Azure Marketplace, seamlessly integrating into the Microsoft architecture and Purview, ensuring proper governance and lineage throughout your entire data landscape.

    Profisee in practice: improved governance, enhanced security and reduced costs

    A multinational company sought to implement a data-driven HR policy, requiring control over internal and external personnel data. The company lacked a clear view due to data scattered across different HR and ERP tools. By utilizing Profisee, they consolidated and harmonized the various data sources. Now, the organization has a unified view of the number of internal and external employees, as well as the number of licenses and laptops issued. This insight allowed the company to tighten access control to data and applications, resulting in a data-driven HR policy, improved governance, enhanced security, and reduced costs.

    Bank-insurer is in control

    Macaw, in partnership with Profisee, is helping a bank insurer function better as an umbrella organization. The parent company now provides all subsidiaries with centrally verified customer records, with changes made within the “my environment portal” processed immediately. Each department now addresses customers with the correct name and salutation, and contact information remains up-to-date. In addition, governance is well established. Not all data can be shared and synchronized, and it is now clear who is allowed to work with what type of data, in compliance with laws and regulations.

    Microsoft, Macaw, and Profisee closely collaborate

    By working closely together, you achieve more. Macaw, Microsoft and Profisee work closely together. From a business and technology perspective, Macaw and Profisee form a visible duo at customer sites. Together, we help develop business cases and successfully implement technology so you see results quickly.

    Macaw transforms your data into value

    Growing in data maturity requires a data strategy and technical foundation. Macaw helps you integrate Profisee into the full Azure data architecture. Macaw helps you define your data strategy and translate it into a value-driven roadmap. Would you also like a personalized data roadmap? Contact us, and together we will lay the foundation for data-driven future.

    Personal advice?

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    Microsoft & Macaw: strategic partners in digital transformation

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