How Data Train helps you to extract value from data in only 6 weeks

Your organization needs to grow faster and work data driven, Data Train makes it possible. In just 6 weeks we turn data into value.
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Does your organization already profit from data? Or is it still a wish? We help you take the step, so that data gives you the insights you need to navigate and grow faster. With Data Train, Macaw helps your company reach its destination as quickly as possible: data-driven work.

1. Data Strategy Assessment

First, we conduct an assessment in which we check your entry level. This is not just a technical story: it’s also about the people who will work with the data. Are colleagues open to work data driven? Is the organization ready for the next step and what do you need? It’s just as important as technicalities. In addition, we map the strategic opportunities and challenges of the organization. Together we determine what the first value case on the data platform will be. That will add immediate value to your organization. First we do it for you, then we do it together and after that you can do it yourself.

2. Expert Team works toward value in 6 weeks

Once the technology ecosystem and data platform are ready, the Expert Team gets to work. This group is self-reliant, deliberately small and has a fixed composition. As a result, these professionals switch gears at lightning speed and worktoward value in 6 weeks.

Up-to-date management data at lower cost

As an example of this process: Macaw helped a logistics company get automated management reports. The company previously hired a third party to create them. As a result, the reports were costly and not up-to- date. Macaw came, saw and helped. Within 6 weeks, the company obtained:

  • Daily up-to-date usable data for the management team
  • Reports refreshed free of charge
  • Automatic collection and distribution of data
  • 8 hours of time saved per week

    3. Building a scalable team together

    Once the first value case is live, the Expert Team makes way for a scalable team of your own people combined with ours. Together, we set up a data team that delivers on strategic goals and operational objectives. Together we determine how big the team should be and what roles and expertise you need.

    One contract for a flexible team

    Data helps you to retain strategic and tactical leadership. So therefore you might hire data engineers for example, to clear backlogs. These provide the desired acceleration. The flexible deployment of the scalable team allows acceleration and deceleration as desired. We know that you need different expertise each week. That’s why we have a unique contract, that guarantees flexibility and efficiency. We deliver customized work from a fixed core team that never serves more than 3 clients. This way customers always get the right employee, based on the goals and expertise required.

    Always the best team composition

    We don’t adjust the contract. This gives you flexibility and best suited expertise in every situation. As a result, we deliver what you really need so you can develop your cases faster and more efficiently. So: you always have the optimal composition of internal and external forces, with the shortest time to market.

    Ready for the next step?

    Do you also want to get value out of your data? We would like to help you on your way. Our multiple Microsoft Gold Certified Partnership underlines what we have to offer. Ready for the next step? Contact us for more information about the Data Train program.

    Personalized advice?

    Contact our data expert, Dennis Rosenbrand, he will be happy to help you!
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