Take control of your data with Microsoft Purview

Want to work data-driven compliantly? Then you have to rely on data quality, and that’s a challenge for many CDOs. Microsoft Purview helps with that issue: it gives an automated grip on all your data, wherever it resides. This helps you set up data governance on your on-premises, multi-cloud and SaaS environments.

What is Purview?

Microsoft Purview is a unified data governance solution that offers a clear insight into your entire data landscape. Among other things, it makes all your SAP data, Microsoft 365 data and all on-premises files transparent. It provides insight into where the data is recorded, what operations have been performed on it and in which models and reports the data is displayed. This gives you an interactive data lineage visualization of the source and edits, all the way to the Power BI report.

The benefits of Purview

Every organization wants to make the best choices based on data. Therefore the data must be reliable; only then it’s possible to make a good revenue forecast, for example. Purview helps with:

  • (Automatic) data classification
  • Data lineage, allowing you to see where data is stored, processed and offered
  • Insight into what data is available, where this data is located and who owns the dataset in the data catalog
  • Understanding the relationship between data and the definitions used in the data catalog
  • Access and access control
  • Integration with other Microsoft security products

    Reliable data thanks to the data catalog

    Want to build a new Power BI dashboard to forecast sales? That will only succeed with revenue data from all your data sources. The search functionality in the data catalog finds all files containing the word ‘revenue’ and other relevant search terms in your entire data landscape. Because you also immediately see who owns the data, you can check in with them directly to see if you are interpreting the data correctly. This improves data quality and allows you to base your sales forecast or risk analysis, for example, on reliable data.

    Working GDPR compliant

    The data catalog also helps you work GDPR compliant. For example, you can easily find all the places where social security numbers or other privacy-sensitive information is stored. This not only improves locating this data, but of course also with adequately protecting it.

    Macaw provides additional insight

    Microsoft Purview helps improve insights and Macaw adds a useful functionality. By combining logging of data usage with the Purview data, you can see at a glance who is accessing, viewing, copying or modifying data. Is an ex-HR employee still checking payroll data in his new role as sales representative? Thanks to logs, you put an end to incorrect access rights and improper use. With this classification, you can set up your entire security model, just like an insurance company succesfully did with Macaw.

    Trade secrets stay on board

    Trade secrets being sold to competitors by employees: these stories regularly pop up in the media. Trust is good, but control with Purview is better. Classification allows you to immediately see which employees have access to your blueprints, profit forecasts or other business-sensitive information. For example, if a sales representative is allowed to access technical data, you add additional labels to their profile so they can access the data to create a perfect presentation.

    Smoothly integrate Purview with Macaw

    As a multiple Microsoft Gold Partner, Macaw guarantees the perfect integration of Purview into your data landscape. To turn data into value, we always start with a Fundamentals Phase in which we lay a solid foundation and advise. Always based on Microsoft best practices and our years of experience. Now you can get started with data-driven work. Need help? Get in touch with us.

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