Microsoft Fabric: One platform for all your analytics

Are you looking for a manageable environment for all the analytics tooling in your organization? Microsoft Fabric provides a single platform and interface that brings together all your analytics needs, from data ingestion to data science. That means you are up and running faster with new forms of analytics, in an environment with excellent compliance, governance and security.

What is Microsoft Fabric?

Microsoft Fabric simplifies your organization’s analytics needs by providing all workloads in an integrated platform. From data integration to data science, real-time analytics and business intelligence, data lakes and data engineering. Supported by robust data security, governance and compliance features in a single environment. This eliminates struggles like using and managing seperate analytics services from various vendors.

Advantages of Microsoft Fabric for your business

  • You don’t need deployment, because things like networking, security and firewalls are covered by default in the SaaS platform.
  • The unified pricing model of the SaaS solution leads to manageable costs.
  • Data engineers, data scientists and data analysts all work in a similar environment.
  • Less duplication between different data silos due to OneLake’s innovative technology.
  • All data is stored in the open source Delta Lake format.
  • Well-known capabilities such as Data Factory, SQL Warehouses and Power BI in one platform.

Back to basics

It’s a common situation: almost every organization uses several analytics tools, which costs a lot of time. Time to learn how to use them, but also to keep an accurate overview of all the licenses. Microsoft Fabric puts an end to that. With Fabric, your organization doesn’t have to worry about the technology; you can simply focus on the results. Microsoft takes care of everything, from applications to networking. Fabric is like an umbrella that covers all the necessary tools, such as Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory and Power BI. They are all bundled together. Because this is so much easier, it’s also no longer complex to have insights in platform usage and costs. They remain manageable through the unified pricing model.

All dataservices from OneLake

Microsoft Fabric uses Microsoft’s latest technology called OneLake. This environment seamlessly integrates and unlocks all data from different sources, both structured and unstructured data. The underlying technology eliminates the need to physically consolidate and replicate data, regardless of structure, technology or location. With smart shortcuts, even data from other cloud environments are easy to be retrieved. As a result, you no longer need different data lakes and other forms of data storage. You can now provide unified data for all forms of analytics from a central location.

Sustainability in data governance

Fabric enables you to properly manage and secure data because of easily working from one single environment. It is possible to determine which data someone has access to per user, regardless of which tooling or data source they use. Even if users share data, Fabric allows you to apply authorizations to sensitive information. This prevents data from getting into the wrong hands. Moreover, the security of all data is managed centrally. That helps your organization considerably to keep the security of all tools up to date, in less time than before.

User friendly and better collaboration

With Fabric,  very user in your organization can get started with data. It’s no longer complex and an IT intervention is not necessary anymore. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, everyone is up and running with new forms of analytics in no time. The platform also encourages collaboration between different departments, as well as between data engineers, data scientist and data analysts. They all work in the same environment and have access to the same data. For example, data engineers can produce standard datasets that data analysts and data scientists can easily use.

Get maximum results out of Fabric

As a certified Microsoft Partner, Macaw ensures the perfect integration of Fabric into your data landscape. We are constantly working on deploying new technologies in a practical way. For example, we lead the way in the adoption of Fabric and are active in the Microsoft community to continually improve the platform. We also work with our partners and customers to see how to get maximum value from Microsoft Fabric, with expert guidance from our consultants.

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