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Get smart benefits with Data Science

Data Science collects data from both internal and external sources that you analyze by using a statistical or mathematical model. While the statistical and mathematical models are complex, the practical application of Data Science is surprisingly specific. Almost any organization can achieve valuable results with a specifically tailored business case and model. And that’s where Macaw steps in to help.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • More efficient processes within your organization
  • Better distribution of marketing budgets
  • Foreseen maintenance
  • Enhanced coordination of (marketing) content
  • More information for your employees
  • Increased customer satisfaction (Customer Experience)
  • More efficient cross-sell and up-sell activities

Macaw is more than just Data Science

Macaw is an expert when it comes to ingeniously applying Data Science to improve your business. Initially, you may think this is nothing but a technical challenge: combining the right data sources to gain new insights. But Macaw looks beyond technology. How could you actually apply these insights to your business? We develop our applications to provide your employees with maximum support – because ultimately it’s all about Employee Empowerment!

    The ultimate goal of Data Science

    Then we go one step further. Because Data Science is truly effective only if it helps you provide the ultimate Customer Experience, generates more leads for your marketing department, and significantly reduces your maintenance costs. We won’t stop until we reach the best results.

    Want to learn more about Data Science?

    Wondering how you could implement Data Science organization-wide? Or maybe you’d just like to learn more about the application? Whichever the case, please feel free to contact us for more information. Or check out our webinar, explaining how to convert data into value for your business.

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    Power BI for the Enterprise
    Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) for the Enterprise combines two major wishes of employees. Firstly, it makes internal and external data easily accessible for analysis and all kinds of applications. Secondly - it’s self-service.

    Macaw's Way of Working

    • Strategy

      From brand identity to ambition, Macaw will help you shape a successful customer strategy. We’ll map out your business values and goals and formulate an attractive, clear proposition, focusing on growth and effectiveness. As a digital partner, we have been using our disruptive power of technology and ingenuity for over 25 years, helping our clients’ businesses move forward digitally and innovatively.

    • Design & Build

      From concept and design to development and user adoption, Macaw will provide you with the tools that contribute to great customer experience and employee productivity. Our team will bring a startup mindset and flexible methodologies to the table. We’ll help you create value in ways that surprise your customers, empower employees and improve operational effectiveness.

    • Run & Optimize

      We’ll ensure that your organization has fast, secure and reliable systems that are easy to scale every day. Completely compliant and valued by the people who have to work with them. Not only will we help you maintain these environments, we’ll make sure that they move in line with the changing wishes and demands of your company.

    Macaw | Full-service digital partner

    What's your challenge?

    We are happy to help you to create a unique customer experience, empowering your employees and optimizing your IT Operations. These are the components for a successful digital transformation within your organization. Looking for a sparring partner or ready for tailor-made advice? Make an appointment or call us. Our experts are ready for your challenge.

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