Macaw and Profisee: Your partners in strategic data management

Break through the “stone wall” of bad data and take the next steps in maturing your data with Macaw and Profisee.
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Macaw and Profisee


As a full-service partner in digital transformation, Macaw has 25 years of experience providing data solutions to clients such as Eneco and Basic-Fit. Since 2023, we are proud to be the exclusive partner of Profisee – a market leader in master data management solutions – and we are combining our strengths in the field of strategic data management. Profisee is the partner with whom we help our clients solve their challenges in data quality that hinder strategic initiatives for many organizations. Together, we help our clients break through their “stone wall” of bad data and establish smarter, more efficient, and future-proof data management. This makes your business more profitable and scalable.

Master Data Management & Golden Records: Crucial

Master data management (MDM) ensures the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of data, leading to a significant improvement in data quality. It is indispensable for organizations seeking a single source of truth for their customers, products, suppliers, and more, enabling them to continuously enhance their customer experience. Additionally, MDM is crucial when it comes to governance and privacy. Reliable data is necessary for companies to integrate systems and make well-informed decisions, such as mergers and acquisitions. Furthermore, MDM can drastically reduce costs associated with data management and administration. 

In summary, data is a must! Macaw and Profisee assist clients from start to finish in implementing master data management. Profisee’s complete cloud-native solution enhances data quality and cleanses your data thoroughly, resulting in the coveted golden records that serve as the foundation for building a 360-degree customer view or managing assets, among other applications. This technology also enables easy scalability and seamless integration with other data solutions such as Microsoft Fabric and Purview. 

When should you start implementing master data management?

Many organizations have already taken the first steps in implementing data platforms. Initially, one or two sources were integrated, but over time, this number has increased. As a result, we often find the same data scattered across different sources, leading to significant time spent on data maintenance and management. The consequences? Unnecessary costs, a decline in data quality, a loss of overview and control, and often non-compliance. It’s time to take the next steps in maturing your data! 

Choose Macaw x Profisee: a versatile track record in data

Macaw has a successful track record in implementing and evolving data platforms for organizations such as CED, Eneco, and Basic Fit. With our years of experience, we are capable of creating value from data for your organization within 6 weeks through our approach called Data Train. 

In addition to our #1 partnership with Profisee and our 3 Profisee-certified Macawers, we are also a multiple-time Microsoft partner, ensuring that we meet the highest quality standards and stay at the forefront of innovations. This includes new technologies at the intersection of data, such as Microsoft Fabric, Purview, and Azure OpenAI. This means that you will not only be able to steer based on data but also look ahead with predictive analytics. 

Want to learn more about Master Data Management? Our experts are ready to assist you! 

Personalized advice?

Contact our data expert, Dennis Rosenbrand, he will be happy to assist you!
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