Create the ultimate customer experience with the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)

How should you tackle your content marketing and website management when your organization is located in several countries and contains several different brands? With the Sitecore Experience Platform you can create a personal experience – across all channels, in all countries and in different languages!

What is the Sitecore Experience Platform?

As a content marketer, your main endeavor is to connect with your target audience with appealing content. That content also has to be offered at exactly the right moment: the point at which your customer wants to purchase a product, is gathering information or simply wants to read an article about your field. In addition, you will need to manage your website content efficiently across multiple countries, different brands and different languages. The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) offers you a way to do this!

Using the platform, content editors can easily manage and reuse all content and manage all websites across multiple countries and for multiple brands from a single central location. They can also collect real-time information and data about their target group on XP. The underlying purpose is to offer a tailor-made customer journey – because today’s consumers expect a personal experience. The platform therefore combines customer data, analytics, AI and marketing automation to provide personalized content throughout the customer journey, at all times, and through any channel. Ensuring your ability to proactively inspire and influence your customers.

The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) thus gives you:

  • Versatile and personalized digital marketing;
  • Scalable content management;
  • Rich and smart insights based on data;
  • Omnichannel delivery and AI.
Want to create the optimal customer experience?
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Create the ultimate customer experience

To respond to the needs of your visitors, you first need to know what they are looking for. As soon as they click on your website, the Sitecore Experience Platform knows what information customers are trying to find. The platform collects data about all the activities of your visitors over the years, regardless of which device is used. In this way, anonymous visitors become known quantities.

Thanks to the platform, you therefore know exactly how a customer has behaved during his or her twenty website visits in the past three years, for example. Based on this qualitative information, the Sitecore Experience Platform forms profiles. In addition, it divides visitors into segments and knows which type of content suits each customer profile best. As a result, you are able to create a personalized experience, based on real-time data.

Versatile digital marketing

Personalization is the perfect method for converting website and webshop visitors into customers. The Sitecore Experience Platform has a rich set of tools that provide your visitors with the most personalized experience possible:

  • E-mailmarketing;
  • Marketing automation;
  • A/B-testing;
  • Personalization tests.

These tools are all in the platform and help you influence the entire customer journey within a single system; linking different systems from a range of providers is now a thing of the past. In an instant, you can have access to the complete set of customer data, which you can easily convert into actionable insights.

Smart insights through smart data

Both existing users and new visitors provide insights. In addition to the gigantic amounts of historical and current data that the Sitecore Experience Platform collects, the platform is also unique in defining segments and profiles based on these data. From their very first clicks, visitors are categorized into specific segments. Using smart technology such as AI, content-related and other advice is personalized and you can determine the next best action for each user.

For example, visitor A may be very price-conscious, while visitor B is mainly gathering information. Visitor A is shown a price comparison showing that you are the cheapest, while visitor B is mainly shown information about what you do that the competition does not. The platform identifies each visitor’s mentality and adjusts the content accordingly.

The unique thing about the Sitecore Experience Platform is that you can personalize not just your website, but your entire content marketing – from offers in the webshop to content on your website and newsletters sent out to specific customer groups – enabling you to show that you really understand your customer.

Omnichannel distribution

Separate content and channel management hinders productivity and is also a real nightmare for marketeers. With the Experience Platform, you have a single central location where you collect information about users. You can then use these data on various different channels to offer a personalized approach through your website, app, newsletters, emails, notifications and social media. All insights are bundled, and you manage your content and marketing automation through one system.

Seamless integration with the Sitecore Experience Commerce and Content Hub

Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) supplements the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) and offers commerce functionality that both gives you control over the entire customer journey and allows you to fill in missing customer data, removing the need for a separate B2B platform or webshop. It also gives you the option to personalize: you can maximize customer value, and the built-up profiles enable you to boost your ROI (return on investment), CRO (conversion rate optimization) and order values.

In the area of content too, you will want to offer your customer a relevant experience, yet each channel requires a specific form of content: text, photos, videos, etc. What’s more, corporate or enterprise organizations that produce content on a large scale do so at a high output rate. If you also have different markets, languages and target groups, that adds the final touches to your content crisis. Sitecore Content Hub is there to help! It’s a central place from which you create, manage and distribute all your content. From blog posts to social media shoutouts, with Content Hub you map out the route for all your content, from start to finish. 

The different Sitecore products function as layers in relation to one another. Together, they form a Digital Experience Platform that allows you to create the ultimate customer experience for multiple international brands in different countries. In this way you can connect with customers all over the world through multisite and multilingual content management. With a future-proof platform, you can continuously optimize experiences with analysis, testing, optimization and machine learning functions. This simplifies and enhances the customer experience from the moment he or she reads your blog post to the moment the invoice is paid!

Macaw would like to help you create the optimal customer experience

Would you like to create an optimal customer experience? Macaw is happy to help! We will support you from A to Z: from defining the right customer journey for your brand to developing and managing the right customer experience.

When setting up the Sitecore Experience Platform, we take the strategy, UX and visual design into account to ensure that you also offer the right brand experience. We also continuously optimize your customer experience. With the expertise and advice of our digital marketing experts, we increase your conversion, improve your personalization, analyze and digitize your marketing services and optimize the design of your Sitecore Experience Platform. We’re also ready to help you with digital marketing, content creation and advertising.

Have you already implemented Sitecore, but aren’t yet getting maximum value from the platform? Or do you need help with your marketing automation or personalization? At Macaw we provide training and workshops to maximize the design and use of your Sitecore Experience Platform.

Want to create the ultimate customer experience?
We are happy to help you

B2B lead generation at Schmitz Cargobull: from corporate website to lead generation portal

As a digital pioneer in the market, SCB was ready for the next step in digital marketing and commerce. The Sitecore platform ensures SCB a consistent brand image in 40 countries, faster time-to-market, a lower operational spend and, above all, a strategic lead follow-up tool. The introduction of profiles also enables the site to meet customers’ needs better, and the number of visitors has more than doubled. Intrigued?

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