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Easy digitization of business processes by building apps yourself: this is what Microsoft Power Platform is for. It enables the developer – including the citizen developer – to get creating apps!
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Why digitize?

Digitization is vital if you want your business to continue working properly. For example, take large construction projects with thousands of permits for different subcontractors on the site: processing all of this manually isn’t exactly efficient. The paper process takes weeks, but it can be done much faster and more easily using apps.

We all know that tech-savvy colleague who can automate anything and work wonders with Excel sheets to simplify daily activities, despite not necessarily being an IT specialist. Microsoft Power Platform gives him or her personal toolkits for building small apps. These are powerful, because if everything has to be built by the IT department, progress is slow and pricy.

You may only need the one app right now, but in six months you may want to implement another app. The Power Platform lets you not only digitize small processes, but transform large workflows too.

What is digitization?

Simply put, digitization means turning your analog information into digital form. It comes in different forms:

  • Light: for (citizen) developers who haven’t received any specific IT training, but would like to get started on automating their activities.
  • Medium: a co-creation version of light. The only difference is that the IT department develops the app alongside the (citizen) developer.
  • Heavy: digitization is left entirely to IT professionals.

 The advantages of digitizing processes

There are all kinds of advantages to digitizing with the Microsoft Power Platform. First, you will be permanently liberated from all the administrative hassle. In addition, things become more traceable, meaning that you no longer have to search for hours for that one document. Security and compliance are also given priority when digitization occurs.

In general, digitizing business processes means fewer headaches. All you need to do is take the time to think through and automate the process – which is also becoming quicker and quicker to do.

Time optimization

Time optimization is one of the biggest advantages. Since your business processes will usually run automatically, you won’t need to perform the same action fifteen times a day. This gives you the opportunity to invest your valuable time in the things that really are important, such as contact with customers or optimizing other business processes. Your company will also discover the truth of the saying that ‘time is money’.

Slow and inefficient processes

The difficult part of digitizing is working out where to start. How do you select the processes to automate first? There are three stages to this:

  • Expanding existing activities by means of digital technologies.
  • Transforming your organization by using technology to add extra value.
  • Disrupting the market by implementing an ecosystem, with products and/or services that optimize business processes.

Macaw can help your organization switch to digital business processes. With our experience with the Microsoft Power Platform, we can guide you step by step through adoption, rollout and implementation.

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BNG Bank builds robust Power App for recording risks

BNG Bank may want to offer its employees the opportunity in the future to develop applications themselves and increase productivity in this way. With traditional programming environments, this is time-consuming and expensive. The bank developed a pilot application together with Macaw to manage risks, mitigating measures and the monitoring of the measures. The use of Power Apps led to a much shorter turnaround time than with the traditional method, lower costs and a robust app.  Like to know how BNG Bank uses it to accelerate, digitize and reduce the chance of human errors in its business processes?

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