Digital strategy as the basis for digital transformation 

Digitization: there’s no escaping it these days. Yet it involves more than just purchasing the latest technologies – everything around those technologies needs to change. Any company that digitizes also needs to transform
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What is a digital strategy?

To understand the concept of a digital strategy, let’s start with the three basic elements: customer, employees and technology. These three factors are changing at breakneck pace, and it’s up to your organization to respond. If you fail to do so, other businesses will overtake you.

You therefore need to digitally transform in order to maintain your position in the market. And this is the challenge for many businesses, because some organizations simply bolt digital transformation onto their primary business strategy. But it doesn’t work that way. 

To steer the digital transformation effectively, you need a digital strategy. A strategy ensures coherence between the different branches within your business. Only then can you bring about a good fit between customer behavior, employees and technology. In short, a good digital strategy involves plotting the relationship between customer behavior, organization and technology. 

Why is a good digital strategy important?

A great many organizations fail because although they digitize, they don’t transform. It’s not enough to simply purchase new technologies. Starting up new IT equipment in the cloud doesn’t immediately make you a digital business. You need a digital transformation for that! There’s no getting round this digital transformation any longer, as it determines whether your business will survive.  

You can count on your competition to get to work with the latest technologies in order to take the customer journey to a higher level and work more efficiently and effectively. When a customer is forced to choose between a modern business that offers an optimal customer journey with employees who respond quickly and are well-informed, or an organization where time has stood still, there will be no hesitation.  

Before you can start your digital transformation, you need a good digital strategy. Only then can you stay ahead of the competition and maintain and expand your place in the market.  

From one-dimensional business to successful digital organization

Digital transformation is the only way to further digitize your business strategy. But how do you move from being a one-dimensional business to a successful digital organization? Here too, you have to take three factors into account: customers, employees and IT.

As far as customers are concerned, you need to think about how you bring in new customers, how you serve them and how you keep existing customers. This will be harder, because digitization is a part of this too. Offering a cup of coffee is no longer enough.  

As well as your customers, your employees are also crucial. How do you ensure that your personnel can make optimal use of the latest technologies? This will also shape your competitiveness: the better your employees are able to adapt to changes, the better placed you will be relative to your competitors. 

Finally, it’s important to keep your IT equipment versatile and up to date. Many businesses haven’t invested in technology. As a result, they are still working with outdated hardware and software. They still need to make the switch. Stay ahead of them and get started on your digital strategy!  

Start your digital transformation strategy

BNG Bank Builds a Robust App for Recording Risks in a Week

BNG Bank wants to offer its employees the tools to develop applications themselves, and thus increase productivity and drive innovation within their organization. With traditional programming environments, this is time-consuming and expensive. The bank developed a pilot application together with Macaw to manage risks, mitigating measures and the monitoring of the measures. The use of Power Apps led to a much shorter turnaround time than with the traditional method, lower costs and a robust app.

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