social media and content marketing for congstar

Data-driven social media and content marketing for congstar


Newsroom concept for maximum user relevance

In 2007, congstar was established as Deutsche Telekom’s second brand and since then has come to stand for a colorful and young brand image with a high level of recognition in the target group.

In order to further sharpen the bold and unconventional image of the congstar brand, Macaw has been developing and implementing a data-based social media and content strategy for seamless support of digital customer touchpoints since June 2019 – with relevant content that is optimized with high frequency thanks to agile editorial planning and relevant analysis tools. The main approach: The elaborated strategy is not supposed to be some long-lasting manifesto, but rather serve as a content guideline that needs to be adapted to take into account new insight on an ongoing basis.

Real-time analysis instead of fictional persons

Mobile, online around the clock and looking for content with added value: the congstar target group is crying out for relevant content – and they want it at the right time and in the network they are currently on. In order to continue to position the brand as present and trend-conscious, relevant topics will henceforth be identified using appropriate social listening tools and picked up in real time. To select and segment topics, Macaw is analyzing user interests. Active community management complements the strategic consulting and editorial planning.

Jointly identified content creators are being integrated into the new “newsroom” concept. They will provide added value and authenticity with their expertise, especially with regard to lifestyle topics.

Active employer branding on LinkedIn

In the area of employer branding, congstar is also increasingly relying on social channels. On the world’s largest business network LinkedIn, the brand is therefore addressing current and potential professionals with specialist articles, thought-provoking ideas and numerous insights from the company. Macaw provides full-service support in editorial planning – from brainstorming to the design of the post visuals all the way to concrete sparring in daily doing. The measures are based on a jointly developed content strategy for LinkedIn that assigns equal weight to relevance and authenticity.


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congstar wants to strengthen its present trend-conscious brand image using relevant social media content.
A social media strategy that relies on data instead of fictitious persons. With social listening, relevant topics are identified and prepared in real time by content creators in a way that conforms with the channel.
Growth in follower numbers and increased engagement across all social media channels, especially on Instagram. In addition, the establishment of a successful brand channel on TikTok, including two viral hashtag campaigns.
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