Managed Content Lifecycle Saves 80 Percent of IT Working Time

Centrally Managed Content Lifecycle Saves 80 Percent of IT Working Time


Content Hub increased efficiency 

Aktion Mensch is the largest private social funding organization in Germany. It supports up to 1,000 social projects every month, with the goal to improve the living conditions of people with a disability and to improve inclusion in a society. This is made possible by around four million Lottery participants. To raise awareness for the projects the marketing team is working on full capacity. But inflexibility and inefficiency in editorial processes were like a squeezing corset for them. To save costs, and to increase efficiency as well as enjoyment of work, Aktion Mensch chose Content Hub from Sitecore.  

Challenge: managing the content chaos

The social organization stores many gigabytes of photo, image and video material in historically grown, local IT structures on many decentralized locations. And working with these digital assets was not optimal. They were exchanged via e-mail, for example, and many duplicates and backup copies existed. In addition, the lack of a central repository made finding and using suitable imagery much more difficult.   

Solution: Content Hub for efficient content lifecycle

Sitecore Platinum Partner, Macaw, implemented Sitecore Content Hub, laying an important foundation for efficient multimedia communication and a streamlined content lifecycle.   

With Sitecore Content Hub, Aktion Mensch now benefits from a digital asset management (DAM) solution with digital rights management (DRM), image recognition/similarity (Image Similarity), smart filter search across large image, photo or video assets and many other features that make work easier and more enjoyable. It allows the marketing and editorial team to drive the entire content process: from collaborative content creation to publication and management, including rights management.  

Benefits at a glance

  • Easy access to assets: storage, downloading and multi-channel use of digital assets is independent of location and intuitive via the Web browser. For example, in the version implemented by Macaw, Content Hub also manages videos, along with appropriate subtitles. An important advantage for keeping offerings accessible, such as the Aktion Mensch Inclusion Portal.  
  • Transparency: All users benefit from much greater transparency in every step of the content process. The asset inventory can be searched and managed much better with a smart filter search. Duplicates, old or no longer usable assets can be easily filtered out.  
  • Speed: Editorial processes around digital assets run fast. As an integrated part of Sitecore, all media files can be published on or other channels in a search engine optimized manner with just a few clicks.   
  • Multimedia as part of the experience: Digital asset management is a fully integrated part of the digital experience – Content Hub can be seamlessly embedded into common CMS and digital experience platforms such as Sitecore XP via standard interface (OOTB).    
  • Reduced IT complexity: The reduced complexity saves additional 80 per cent working time in IT.  Furthermore, there is a minimal operational overhead.   
  • Performance Boost: Thanks to Sitecore’s global Content Delivery Network (CDN), collaboration is improved.   
Aktion Mensch supports up to 1,000 social projects every month and stores many gigabytes of images and videos. To manage the content chaos, they needed a content hub.
content hub
To save costs, increase efficiency and enjoyment of work, Aktion Mensch chose Content Hub from Sitecore.
content hub
The marketing and editorial team can drive the entire content process: from collaborative content creation to publication and management, including rights management. Next to easy access to assets, editorial processes go faster, and easier.
content hub

Sitecore & Macaw: Platinum Implementation Partner

Looking for an experienced, dedicated and successful Sitecore partner? As Platinum Implementation Partner Macaw has in-depth knowledge, superbly qualified staff and extensive experience with leading companies, such as Heineken and Schmitz Cargobull. This means we can provide every client with the best solution!

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