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Noerr successful with personalized B2B information hub

We have crafted a personalized and award-winning B2B news and information hub for Noerr, one of Europe’s leading commercial law firms. The hub offers business clients convenient access to experts who can meet their needs from a pool of more than 500 lawyers as well as legal and market information of relevance to them. The outcome? Noerr is registering record numbers of website visits and leads while significantly boosting its brand awareness.

Digital quality leadership rather than a generic website – Noerr has ambitious objectives in the online sector, which they have been striving towards with us at their side as digital partner since 2016. Based on the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), we have further developed and refined into a multi-award-winning B2B portal and a sort of personalized Spiegel Online for business information. Together, we drive topicality, personalization and multimedia excellence while facilitating relevance through the depth and breadth of the content. 

Searching for experts made easy

A law firm is a people business. Clients expect multidimensional counsel and advice as well as support on legal, tax and business issues above and beyond their own national borders. One focus of the website relaunch was on personalization and dovetailing client requirements with the information and expertise that Noerr has to offer. Finding the right fit among the 500+ lawyers and consultants has been a breeze since the relaunch. The newly developed, technically sophisticated, but yet easy-to-use expert search eases the task for searchers when it comes to finding the right legal or business expert with just one click. Once the experts have been identified, the corresponding CVs can be downloaded with information on the person’s skill-sets, career, languages and selected publications. The Noerr experts can update their data and CVs independently, which means that the information is always current without any need for assistance from the marketing team. Thanks to the user-friendliness of the system, there is no need for special technical knowledge or expensive access points for data support.  

Personalizable news hub

Another highlight is the personalized newsletter “Noerr_news”, which we have developed in collaboration with the Sitecore Email Campaign Manager. Clients and interested parties can compile their own individual newsletter from 21 legal fields and sectors (e.g. joint stock & capital market law, corporate law or insurance). Recipients of the newsletter have a total of over four million options with which to compile their personal Noerr_news. This allows subscribers to receive Noerr’s expertise on precisely those topics that are relevant to them. If their interests shift, their personal news can be adjusted with just a single click in the settings management. 

The Sitecore Email Experience Manager automatically compiles personalized newsletters from editorial contributions by the law firm’s practice groups. The newsletter is then sent out in HTML and as a PDF. The Sitecore Experience Platform’s email marketing module offers the full range of functions in an enterprise solution. 

“Our newsletter service is very well received by our subscribers, which is also demonstrated by the outstanding KPIs. Being able to manage the website and email marketing from one single technical solution saves us time and offers deep insights into the customer journey. Macaw’s Sitecore expertise has enabled us to realize our requirements quickly and professionally.” – Michael Kaupp, Digital Marketing Manager at Noerr.

Crisis Center: Well informed throughout the crises

The repercussions of the COVID19 pandemic and associated political measures have raised ad hoc existential as well as unprecedented legal questions for many companies. At the same time, the pandemic has fundamentally changed the rules of the game in the field of personal relationship management, which is otherwise of such existential importance to law firms, overnight. In response, Noerr has developed, with our support, the highly frequented digital Corona Crisis Center, which keeps clients and interested parties throughout Europe informed about current developments and legal issues. From blog articles to special newsletters and a bilingual executive summary as well as brief overview all the way to a connected platform for live webinars, the Center is a compact information hub on topics, contact persons and events. Content is provided by the Noerr Corona task force, a team of 50 lawyers practicing in a wide range of specialist fields, producing high-quality content by means of structured editorial processes.  


  • Over 1.2 million visits at (up 44 % year on year)
  • More than 330,000 Corona Crisis Center visitors
  • 5,000+ attendees of live webinars
  • More than 1,200 new contacts/leads
  • Significant improvement in the Google SEO ranking
  • Numerous positive reports in the press
  • Awards, e.g. the German Prize for Online Communication (dpok) in gold and Annual Multimedia Award 2021 in silver

Noerr is carrying on with its tried-and-proven communication strategy at the Ukraine-Russia Crisis Center, as Russia’s invasion and the ensuing economic sanctions imposed are once again facing companies with numerous challenges. Issues relate to sanctions law, corporate law as well as M&A, contract law, export control law, anti-money laundering law and other fields of practice. The Noerr Task Force provides digital and personalized answers to all these developments. 

“The need for legal information has skyrocketed overnight due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine and has continued to soar over the last few months. In 2016, we laid the foundations for modern digital market communication with our new website and established a customizable newsletter, our own webinar portal and much, much more. This put us in the absolute digital rider’s seat, enabling us to react autonomously and, above all, on an ad hoc basis with our Corona and Ukraine-Russia Crisis Center.”  – Michael Kaupp, Digital Marketing Manager at Noerr.



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