do you stand out using digital marketing?

How do you stand out using digital marketing?

Avoid digital sameness and remain distinctive in your marketing.

Digital marketing is undoubtedly a fundamental part of every organization’s business operations and has now become part of every business strategy. The majority of the target audience is online, making it the most efficient way to promote your brand or organization and engage with the audience. What’s striking is the emergence of digital equality – digital sameness, which refers to the phenomenon where every company adopts the same approach to digital marketing. To avoid becoming generic, we must continue to explore ways to remain distinctive and make smart use of new tools and opportunities.

Digital sameness? Let’s go back to the core first

Every organization nowadays has the knowledge and expertise to engage in digital marketing. We understand how to obtain data, how to utilize that data to build a relationship with the target audience, and how to cross-sell and upsell, which are the ultimate goals of marketing.  

However, therein lies the problem: digital equality. We all possess the same knowledge and skills while employing similar tactics. How do you differentiate in the market? For the answer, we need to go back a few steps. What is your product, and what is its value proposition? What are the unique selling points (USPs) of your product, and why does your target audience want it? While we have become adept at collecting data, generating insights, and gathering valuable information, what we often overlook is turning that data into actionable strategies: responding immediately to what the audience does.  

Your product remains the most crucial factor in being distinctive. Discover where you connect with your target audience and directly address the intersection of supply and demand. How do you do that? The key is personalization.  

We know how to collect data and extract valuable insights about the target audience. You should then use this information to immediately and cleverly respond to the audience behavior. Currently, this is happening far too infrequently. Escaping digital sameness is not only beneficial for your product but also for the customer. In other words it’s a win-win scenario. So, understand what your customers want, determine the most effective tone of voice to address them, and highlight what your product specifically has to offer.

Leveraging modern technologies intelligently

Since digital marketing has become an integral part of our business operations, we have mastered how to utilize it. However, the field of marketing never rests. We see two significant positive developments influencing contemporary marketing. 

Firstly, we see an increasing influx of new tools and gadgets that can be utilized as building blocks for marketing. This is known as composability – the composition of various technologies and tools that govern our business operations.  

We don’t consider this a threat, we should embrace it. We are becoming increasingly capable of easily adopting new tools and technologies. If your organization wants to use Tool X, it can now be implemented more seamlessly. The minor changes that make your business operations easier and more efficient can also be kept small. This is a game-changer. As a result, it provides more flexibility and room to progress, and enhances creativity, consistency, and employee satisfaction.  

Another noteworthy development is the emergence of the Metaverse, which should also be included in the marketing strategy. Additionally, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments, such as ChatGPT, cannot be ignored. AI is very useful for various marketing purposes, especially content creation and SEO text on your website. Do not perceive these new developments as threats but rather as allies. These tools take care of “easy” tasks, allowing you more time to excel in your own work. Therefore, these new tools and technologies must also be incorporated into today’s and tomorrow’s marketing strategies.  

Next steps?

This eBook explains not only what composable means, but also how we arrived at this form of digital marketing environment and what the unlimited possibilities really mean. Download the eBook directly or read more here.

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