you need to know about Composable Business

Everything you need to know about Composable Business

This eBook explains not only what composable means, but also how we arrived at this form of digital marketing environment and what the unlimited possibilities really mean. In case there is any doubt about the future of your marketing stack, herein you will read the full story with the expertise of Macaw experts and external experts.

Composable: More than just a trend

Ever since Gartner mentioned that the future is composable, many blogs and news stories have passed by characterizing composable as “the new hype” or “the latest trend.” However, composable is not a hype or a trend, it’s a way of working, and it’s possible you have been working composable for a long time but just didn’t know it. The key lies in working according to a sound strategy and thinking about how the different elements should come together. In addition, we learn from start-ups; these companies often surpass large companies in certain areas. Why? Agility! With composable business, you no longer have to be rigid when you’re big.

When IT and Marketing do this, you’re no longer tied to monolithic stacks and spending on entire garages of tools you’ll never use.

The best tool is not always the most appropriate for your business. Composable allows you to cherry-pick the most appropriate tools and implement agile changes at the speed of a start-up.

What is composable business all about?

  • Rapidly changing market
  • Doing unlimited work
  • Faster go-to-market with ready-made business capabilities
  • Look at start-ups!
  • Start it even if you initially don’t feel much for it (just like TikTok for some)

Read all about it in our eBook.

Composable Business eBook

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