a composable organization by embracing modern technologies

Build a composable organization by embracing modern technologies

For composability – the composition of different building blocks in your business operations – digital transformation requires embracing and deploying exactly the right tools and technologies.

The choice of technologies to deploy for your business operations already seems endless these days, and the supply just keeps growing. Fortunately, we are becoming increasingly nimble at implementing these technologies quickly and easily. For composability, or the composition of different building blocks in your business operations, digital transformation involves embracing and deploying just the right tools and technologies. Appropriate for the company, the employees, but also for the customer needs and the tech era we live in.  

Composable creates more flexibility and space

An organization with a composable way of working consists of a business architecture with easily changeable parts. These components are all introduced in response to new insights, ideas from employees or customer needs and are easy to adapt. So, if your organization wants to start working with a new tool, it will be easy to implement, thanks to the composable working method. This way, small changes remain small, but they will make operations easier and more efficient. In this way, you can take another step forward. A composable organization thus creates more flexibility and room for other tasks in the team. You will create room for creativity, consistency, but also employee satisfaction.

New developments help and are not a danger

Another factor that contributes to a composable organization and a modern business strategy is embracing new developments. The emergence of Artifical Intelligence tools, such as ChatGPT, is an obvious one. A real paradigm shift, in our opinion. AI Tools already have a huge impact on the way we work. The tool can be used for numerous purposes, such as marketing activities, but it can also be deployed within the organization. In fact, it can replace some of our work, such as writing web copy or SEO blogs, but we see it instead as a tool that you should use to support your work.   

The tool can assist employees by filling in “easy” tasks. This allows employees to reallocate their time and excel even more in their specialty. They will save time to be creative. The application of 3D also deserves attention. This is pre-eminently a tool with which you can appeal to the new generation of consumers.  

The right balance

The endless tools and technologies in today’s media landscape make it exciting to make certain choices. Sometimes it’s hard to make the right choice. In addition, everyone has their own ideas or strategy. That’s why every organization needs someone to provide balance and nuance. Someone who supports the strength of the organization with the right tools and technologies and thereby promotes the efficiency of the organization. That balance provides room in the budget and encourages mental freedom. Then you are able to focus on the fundamental strengths of your organization.   

Next steps?

This eBook explains not only what composable means, but also how we arrived at this form of digital marketing environment and what the unlimited possibilities really mean. Download the eBook directly or read more here.

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