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Working from home has become increasingly common in recent years and has even become the norm since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having a digital workplace that enables colleagues to work together securely and efficiently while at the same time offering a flexible choice among devices and apps is now more important than ever.
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Flexible organization with a digital workplace

In many ways, today’s digital workplace is different from that of five years ago. For instance, people used to work from home occasionally and business processes were not designed around the employees’ digital workplace as is the case at present. Companies are increasingly abandoning the hierarchical approach to organizing data and information. A digital workplace is now designed in such a way that components work together, making it easier for you to adapt or change them without disrupting other applications. In addition to enhancing flexibility, this also entails specific challenges in productivity, accessibility, and security. But once your company meets these challenges, it offers you a unique opportunity to quickly implement changes 

Digital workspace for employee empowerment

Employees often know exactly what to do to improve customer experience. Greater autonomy boosts their creativity and with it the development of new products and services. A good digital workplace is also conducive to improving business processes. The optimum set-up of the modern digital workspace and the creative use of all possibilities directly contribute to achieving the business objectives

Accordingly, making creative use of technology and data plays an important role. You ensure employee empowerment by offering employees the technology and insights that enable them to serve customers as best they can everywhere and at all times. However, it is not always easy to endow organizations with new technology and this is why increasing numbers of organizations invest in their employees’ digital skills. When designing their digital toolset, they therefore pay more attention to linking employee journeys to customer journeys. 

Improve productivity through a digital workplace

When as an organization you change over to digital workplaces for your employees, you obviously want the workplaces to be used optimally as soon as possible to ensure a fast return on your changeover investment. Only then will your employees’ productivity be optimal, and will communication and collaboration be as effective as possible, both of which are essential conditions for the smooth running of business processes. On the basis of an analysis of what motivates your employees and end users and using this information in a user adoption plan, you can start developing the digital workplace that takes your employees to the next level in their work. 

In developing a digital workplace, Macaw uses Microsoft 365 tools to help employees to improve their productivity. Macaw views Microsoft 365 as an essential component to optimize the online collaboration process within an organization. The latest information and general work processes have been put in the cloud, enabling employees to access the data from any location using their preferred device. Employees can also jointly work on the same document. Thanks to Microsoft Teams, the tooling and Office apps such as Outlook, Excel and Docs are in one central place, making information transfer easier.  

For many organizations, individual productivity is at least equally important. This is why the digital workspace for specialized activities is created using Microsoft 365, with tools such as PowerBI and Microsoft PowerApps. Here, the focus is specifically on increasing and optimizing employee productivity in combination with various possibilities of working together with colleagues 

Workplace security at all times

An advantage of working in the cloud is that your employees will never again have to worry about data loss. With a reliable cloud backup solution, you will always retain control over your business data. In the event of any data loss, you will always be able, without external assistance, to restore complete environments, folders, and individual files without affecting the environment. 

Macaw will also be pleased to help you in ensuring your organization’s Cloud Security in order to optimally protect your business data and information. Macaw does this by mapping out possible risks of your cloud environment and setting up two-factor authentication and firewalls.    

Flexibility of a digital workplace 

Finally, a digital workplace provides unprecedented flexibility for all your employees. By designing your digital workplace in such a way that the components work together horizontally and side by side in the cloud, you will be able to adapt or change them easily without disrupting your other applications. It means that you will be able to easily optimize the digital workplace on the basis of feedback from your employees, data, and changes in business processes. You will immediately be prepared for changes that may be necessary for your organization in the future and you will be able to quickly respond to changes. 

Digital workplace for the future

A digital workplace and technology in general should support employees in such a way that they can work optimally. Employees can excel if you enable them to work independently with all the information, software, hardware, and data they need 

We use technology to make an impact throughout your organization. Are you ready to start creating the digital workplace of the future for your employees? Get in touch for more information. 

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