Content Chaos to Marketing Flow

From Content Chaos to Marketing Flow

Why do so many marketers experience content chaos, and how can you break out of this vicious circle? In this whitepaper we take you through the causes of the content dilemma and how you can break out of it with a content hub.

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Ending the Content Chaos

Solve the Content Dilemma!

As a marketer you need to produce and distribute more and more content, but at the same time it is becoming increasingly time-consuming and expensive to do so. Marketers are constantly looking for the right version of types of content – often from dozens of possibilities. These range from images and texts to tables and presentations. And then there’s all the associated communication activity.

Research has shown that the average marketer spends six(!) entire working weeks every year looking for material. The whitepaper ‘From Content Chaos to Marketing Flow’ examines the causes of the content dilemma, showing how organizations can break out of this vicious circle and how you can create an effective content life cycle.

Why Do You Need This Whitepaper?

There is now general agreement both inside and outside the marketing world that relevant, high-quality content is of great strategic value. Against this background, companies are also spending more on content. Yet the costly vicious circle of content chaos continues. This not only slows down marketing, but also hinders sales. A content life cycle is crucial, but how can you achieve it? A content hub offers the solution by creating order out of chaos.

In this white paper you will read about:

  1. Why conventional solutions don’t solve the content chaos problem.
  2. A better design for processes to do with creation and distribution.
  3. What a content hub is and how to use it.
  4. The arguments in favor of a content hub.
  5. Steps you can take towards a content life cycle.
Bring Order to the Content Chaos

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Ending the Content Chaos

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