Employee Empowerment

Improve customer satisfaction through Employee Empowerment.
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Due to the increased transparency and speed of technological innovation, organizations need to be able to continuously adapt to new circumstances. Making an organization more agile is therefore high on the agenda of many management teams.

“Treat your employees the way you want them to treat your most valuable customers.”
– Stephen R. Covey, Management guru

Empower your Employees!

When it comes to improving customer satisfaction, employees play the lead role. To be able to achieve results quickly and independently, they need two things: autonomy and the right tools.

More autonomy encourages creativity, the development of new products and services as well as improves business processes. This all contributes to the success and realization of business goals.

Technology and data play an important role here. By providing employees with technology and insights that enable them to serve the customer in the best possible way, anywhere and anytime, you ensure empowered employees.

The Employee Journey

However, incorporating new technologies in an organization is not always easy. Therefore, more and more organizations are investing in the digital skills of their employees. Linking employee journeys to customer journeys when designing digital toolsets is essential.

Employee Empowerment Technology:

  1. CRM – Engaging and retaining customers with smart technology
  2. Office 365 – Optimal collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing
  3. Microsoft Power Platform – Apps to optimally serve your customers
Super Fresh Bread at DEEN with “App in a Day”
In 2018 and 2019 Macaw held quite a few successful “App In A Day” workshops. During these sessions, participants learned how to build a business app in a day with the Microsoft Power Platform as well as discovered the possibilities of PowerApps

Macaw's Way of Working

  • Strategy

    From brand identity to ambition, Macaw will help you shape a successful customer strategy. We’ll map out your business values and goals and formulate an attractive, clear proposition, focusing on growth and effectiveness. As a digital partner, we have been using our disruptive power of technology and ingenuity for over 25 years, helping our clients’ businesses move forward digitally and innovatively.

  • Design & Build

    From concept and design to development and user adoption, Macaw will provide you with the tools that contribute to great customer experience and employee productivity. Our team will bring a startup mindset and flexible methodologies to the table. We’ll help you create value in ways that surprise your customers, empower employees and improve operational effectiveness.

  • Run & Optimize

    We’ll ensure that your organization has fast, secure and reliable systems that are easy to scale every day. Completely compliant and valued by the people who have to work with them. Not only will we help you maintain these environments, we’ll make sure that they move in line with the changing wishes and demands of your company.