helps RWE to set up new websites quickly and efficiently

Macaw helps RWE to set up new websites quickly and efficiently


As the Sitecore lead agency, we are supporting RWE in getting the public on board in the Group’s transformation. To this end, we have created a state-of-the-art corporate website and installed a high-performance cloud infrastructure while ensuring agility and efficiency whenever new websites are set up with the Sitecore Experience Accelerator.  

The RWE Group is an important driver of change into the regenerative age. In summer 2019, we assumed operation of the existing, Sitecore-based in the capacity of Sitecore lead agency. This was followed by the strategic realignment and rebranding of RWE, as a result of which we carried out the technical relaunch of the corporate website The corporate website is the central digital communication channel, underscoring what the new RWE stands for: innovation, change, transparency and sustainability. Ever since the relaunch of the website, the focus has been on the permanent evolution of the digital experience and cloud infrastructure. 

“Our most important aim and objective was to get the new website up and going live on schedule and in the best quality possible. The project team really helped get traction in the effort. We appreciate Macaw as a reliable, very committed and, technically speaking, incredibly skilled partner with whom we work together on an agile footing in a most effective manner.” – Dietmar Köller, Head of Online IT at RWE . 

Sitecore Experience Accelerator: time- and budget-saving launch of new websites

With the help of the Sitecore Experience Accelerator we have implemented, RWE puts new theme-based websites and microsites into operation in a matter of hours all by itself. RWE was Macaw`s first client to rely on this practical Sitecore website construction kit in order to create websites across a wide range of topics, projects and companies of the Group as independently as possible with the same look and feel of the RWE website. The online editorial team and corporate communications team are thus able to develop the digital offering very freely, flexibly and professionally – and without incurring external costs. No effort or expenses are required for a developer to create a new site with existing styles and components. The content is set up in a jiffy and the new microsite can be switched productively online in a couple hours. Everything is in the corporate design, embedded in Sitecore’s best site structure practice and comes with the option of personalization, optimization and scaling in the cloud. This has enabled RWE to further streamline and accelerate processes surrounding the highly professional digital experience so it can operate more independently of both IT in its corporate presentation as well as from us as its agency partner. 

RWE and our team received Honorable Mention in the “Best Innovation with Emerging Technologies” category at the 2021 Sitecore Experience Awards for outstanding overall digital experience in the cloud and this flagship application.  

“Sitecore Experience Accelerator enables us to quickly and easily set up and independently expand websites with a satisfying user experience in the corporate design. For a growing and changing group like RWE, it is important to be able to build up new digital services in an agile and efficient manner. We are pretty chuffed about the commendation we received at the Sitecore Experience Awards. It underscores the fact that we also attach great importance to innovative, efficient solutions in the field of online communication and IT, thereby saving resources and accelerating processes. “Dietmar Köller, Head of Online IT at RWE.

Schmitz Cargobull generates more leads with new experience platform
Digital pioneer Schmitz CargoBull (SCB) was ready for the next step in digital marketing and commerce. The new experience platform has brought SCB a consistent brand image in 40 countries, faster time-to-market, a lower operational spend and, above all, a strategic lead follow-up tool. The introduction of profiles also enables the site to meet customers’ needs better, and the number of visitors has more than doubled.

Sitecore & Macaw: Platinum Implementation Partnership

Looking for an experienced, dedicated and successful Sitecore partner? As Platinum Implementation Partner Macaw has in-depth knowledge, superbly qualified staff and extensive experience with leading companies, such as Heineken and Schmitz Cargobull. This means we can provide every client with the best solution!