AMRO improves content strategy

How did we save costs for ABN AMRO while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience?

Customers of ABN AMRO benefit from an enhanced experience through an end-to-end content strategy and Digital Asset Management solution.
ABN AMRO is the third largest bank in the Netherlands, and has a clear purpose: banking for better, for generations to come. They want to be a trusted partner, creating long-term value for their clients, and to be there for them at moments that matter. This purpose is the compass in everything the bank does. Like in their communication with customers by delivering a personalized and valuable customer experience as well as delivering a good employee experience.

Revised content strategy

To achieve the best customer and employee experience the bank revised their content strategy, application landscape and marketing tools. They concluded that the technical stack was under pressure and could not meet future requirements. Furthermore, their employees struggled with the tools at hand such as their CMS (Content Management System). The bank – driven by its internal team – sought a solution and had clear outcomes in mind. The bank wants to be able to:

  • Give each customer a personalized experience.
  • Build relevant, personalized content and make it available across various channels.
  • Unify content assets.
  • Increase the efficiency of the entire content lifecycle – from content creation, reviewing, approving, and publishing across channels.
  • Simplify the application landscape.
  • Improve brand consistency.
  • Improve performance and stability of the marketing tools for the business.

Central hub for digital assets

ABN AMRO concluded the best way to improve all aspects was to implement Sitecore Content Hub, a central hub for their digital assets, content operations, and distribution. The bank turned to Sitecore Platinum Partner, Macaw, for advice and to take on the implementation, as they have the desired knowledge and experience and had the availability of two Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) to work on the project, making the company the preferred candidate for the job.

Alignment on goals

Since the bank had been preparing its vision and desired direction for some time, Macaw organized a series of workshops in the first phase to quickly reach mutual agreement on the exact scope, timeline and deliverables, and to learn about any risks. Macaw followed their tried & tested methodology that includes five phases. This approach was a key success factor because it makes the implementation predictable and manageable at each step.


In addition to improving the customer experience through the creation of relevant, personalized content and its distribution via the customer’s preferred device and channel, the bank also reported big gains in terms of cost reduction and increased employee efficiency thanks to the optimized content workflow, centralized digital asset management and content creation. The cumbersome and manual process of downloading, re-sizing images and then emailing them to a colleague, or for a given file size, sharing them via Dropbox, is a thing of the past. When managing 4,000 pages, and uploading 1,300 assets per month, the improved ease of use results in considerable time savings. Copy writing issues have also been resolved and manual work has given way to automatic messaging.

Bank employees and external partners can organize content such as images, videos, marketing content and icons in one system, making it easier to find the right asset. Similarly, the workflow for sharing concepts, gathering feedback, and obtaining approval increased both efficiency and flexibility while simultaneously reducing time spent. The high level of user-friendliness started making rounds within ABN AMRO.

Nathalja Nijman, product owner “Customer Content Capability” at ABN AMRO, says:

‘We get requests, for example from the intranet team, whether they can also use Sitecore because it is simply so easy to work with, saves time and eliminates frustrations. That is the best proof that it works.’

ABN AMRO can also more easily protect its brand identity, ensure the quality, and use of assets through a governance process, and ensure that marketing teams communicate consistently and according to guidelines worldwide.

Better ranking

Thanks to using the Digital Asset Management solution, which means the images come directly scaled from the system and improve the loading time of each page, the pages rank substantially better which results in more leads, more online sales, and more revenue.

Serve customers with the best digital assets

Sitecore Content Hub is ABN AMRO’s very first Digital Asset Management tool and Nathalja Nijman is pleased with this step. She says: ‘We can now serve customers with the best digital assets according to their device, and channel preference. Additionally, the optimized SEO rankings of product pages, lead to an increase in online sales and findability of services.’

Colleague Adam Overdevest, IT Lead Digital Channel & Content Capability at ABN AMRO, adds:

‘ABN AMRO has taken a major step towards the mature deployment of digital assets. This makes it possible to handle assets more smartly and efficiently and positively impacts the engagement with our customers.

Dutch bank ABN AMRO came to us with an interesting challenge. They needed a content strategy that is capable of managing an unifying over 4.000 pages and 1.300 assets per month. On a user level: every person has their own preference for device. So if you want to personalize, you need to personalize on level where anything, including the device is personalisable. How did we do this?
We implemented a central hub for their digital assets, content operations, and distribution: the Sitecore Content Hub. We put two of our Sitecore MVP’s on the project. With our five-phase methodology we made implementation a smooth ride.
ABN AMRO now profits from better SEO rankings and massive time savings on staff that needed to manage content. Lastly but not least: the customer experience has been improved to a level where everything is personalized.

Sitecore & Macaw: Platinum Implementation Partnership

Looking for an experienced, dedicated and successful Sitecore partner? As Platinum Implementation Partner Macaw has in-depth knowledge, superbly qualified staff and extensive experience with leading companies, such as Heineken and Schmitz Cargobull. This means we can provide every client with the best solution!  

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