is pleased to have the new provisioning app

Evides is pleased to have the new provisioning app

How can you make digital cooperation as uniform, simple, secure and agreeable as possible? This was a question that pre-occupied both digital service provider Macaw and potable water supplier Evides Waterbedrijf. For Macaw it meant developing a new provisioning app called the ‘Collaboration Request App’.

Why this app?

The use of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 has grown enormously. Making sure that everyone both internally and externally can gain access quickly, securely and in a controlled manner to the right tools to be able to work together digitally can be both time-consuming and error sensitive. This is just one of the challenges faced by many businesses surrounding the provisioning of Microsoft 365. The new Macaw provisioning app means that they can now take control of their Microsoft 365 environment and this makes it much easier to manage. Personnel benefit from the app, too. Because they always have access to the right tools to be able to work together, for example, and requesting them is also quickly and easily arranged. The app further helps them choose the right tool for the task in hand. Based on a couple of simple questions, the app will recommend whether to use Microsoft Teams, Yammer or SharePoint.

Why was Evides keen to get started?

Kees Voeten, IT manager at Evides Waterbedrijf is very pleased that there is now an app for this. “I could have done with it two years ago,” he says with a laugh. “The app enables people throughout the whole organization to work together effectively and securely,” he explains. “We had already seen that there was a growing demand for more support for remote working and digital collaboration. Our efforts to improve digital cooperation and give colleagues easy access to the Microsoft Teams environment ran aground however, because we kept coming up against security issues.”

Early in 2020 the drinking water supply company fully adopted Microsoft 365. And the process went smoothly partly because one of Evides’ ‘product owners’ encouraged its full and widespread use throughout the organization. COVID-19 also served as a catalyst for its rapid adoption. The fact that the team embraced the platform en masse was a plus for Evides Waterbedrijf and meant that even more could be done.


“What I think is so strong about the app is that it has immediate value, quite apart from the security that we demand. Users can get to work right away in the most suitable collaboration environment. Including with external parties. Plus, with a minimum of effort, the IT team can provide users with maximum support.” The app further supports a uniform way of working and enables us to observe important agreements on matters such as security and data archiving.

The solution was developed on the Microsoft Power Platform and is available as an app or a chatbot. Would you like to know how the app could help your team work together better digitally? Contact us today to ask for a demo.

Collaboration Request App

 Would you like to know how the app could help your team work together better digitally? 

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