Request App: provisioning solution M365

Collaboration Request App: provisioning solution M365

An efficient way to organise the provisioning process within your organisation in an easy and manageable way. In addition, you will increase the findability within Teams, SharePoint and Viva Engine and you will make sure that your employees collaborate digitally with each other more easily.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly digitized the workplace. And hybrid cooperation is also expected to be the future. Microsoft Teams alone is used daily by more than 115 million people in their work.  

This makes it all the more necessary to facilitate the digital workplace and support internal teams in working together effectively. A uniform way of working is required to ensure that users can continue to work efficiently with Microsoft 365 in the future. And employees should have the right access – anytime and anywhere. Organizing this is a challenge for both HR and IT, due to shadow IT, different systems and changing roles, as well as employees joining and leaving the organization.  

Collaboration Request App

Macaw has developed the Collaboration Request App to support organizations in dealing with these challenges and to make remote cooperation more durable. The app creates an efficient provisioning process and supports the internal control of the Microsoft 365 environment. This makes it easier to find things in Teams, SharePoint and Viva Engine, thereby making digital collaboration that much more efficient. 

The app not only makes it easy for employees to request an environment within Microsoft 365, but also provides support for the right request: when should you use Teams/SharePoint or Viva Engine? Based on the user’s needs (suggestions offered by the app) a recommendation for the right environment is made.  

Macaw has built a digital solution which encompasses the complete request and approval process surrounding provisioning – from employee to HR and IT.  

Transparency and a uniform work process keep duplicate requests with the same purpose to a minimum. Thereby also reducing the turnaround time for an internal request.  

The Collaboration Request App was developed on the Microsoft Power Platform and is available as an app or chatbot (virtual agent). This makes it flexible and easy to extend based on the specific wishes of an organization. Using standard features of the Power Platform, the app can also be quickly configured to each tenant. 

UBR’s & USP’s

The Collaboration Request App:  

  • Supports internal and external remote collaboration;  
  • Is very user-friendly for all employees; 
  • Guides users to make the right choice for the task; 
  • Supports a uniform structure and way of working within Microsoft 365; 
  • Simplifies the management of Microsoft 365; 
  • Creates an overview: ‘Cannot be found’ becomes a thing of the past 
  • Supports both Teams and SharePoint templates; 
  • Supports data security scenarios; 
  • New features or specific wishes can be easily added (add-ons);  
  • Supports the collaborative environment with a specific configuration within the organization;  
  • Operates under the Microsoft 365 license;  
  • Is available as an app or chatbot. 

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      Are you interested in implementing the Collaboration Request App in your organization? Macaw can supply the Collaboration Request App within two weeks (turnaround time), at a cost of €5,000 (excluding VAT). 

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