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In todays business, you need to rapidly adapt to change, achieve more with fewer resources driven by data, and work in a compliant manner. Modernizing your application landscape boosts your business innovation and keeps you ahead of the competition.

The importance of a modern application landscape

You aim to attract and retain customers with the latest products both now and in the future. At the same time, digital tools should optimally support your employees. This calls for an agile organization with a modern application landscape. It enables faster development of digital products and leverages data for value creation. This allows you to respond quickly to market changes, enhance customer experiences, and anticipate the future based on hard data. Moreover, it increases operational efficiency, reduces IT costs, and, most importantly, gives a boost to your business processes. 

Reasons for application innovation

Many organizations have one foot in the cloud while the other is constrained by traditional technology. It’s crucial to move forward and modernize your technological engine. Map your app landscape, update your applications and architecture, enabling your entire organization to work more efficiently and securely. How? Fully embrace cloud technology. Macaw is ready to accelerate your digital transformation through our proven MACH architecture. 

It’s people adding value with technology

Technology serves as a prerequisite, but it’s your employees who add value. This requires a well-coordinated partnership between business and IT within an innovative culture. We guide your organization and employees to leverage tools for maximum productivity, resulting in distinctive customer and employee experiences. 

Better and faster alignment with market demands

When your digital infrastructure is solid, everyone works with cloud-native apps, and all data sources are connected. For instance, building low-code and no-code apps with Power Platform is up to 8 times faster than traditional programming. As a result, your services and products align much faster and better with market demands. 

Sustainable data-driven work

With modern apps, employees accomplish more work, experience higher satisfaction, reduce IT management burden, and improve continuity. By bringing together data sources and discovering correlations, you continuously streamline business processes and identify new opportunities. This ensures your organization remains agile at all times. 

Macaw’s approach

Not fully transitioned to cloud technology yet? We are here to guide you with our successful, structured methodology. We identify the 6 R’s, each representing a possible application migration strategy applicable to all applications. We investigate the scenario that best suits your applications, creating a balanced application landscape. The 6 R’s are:  

  • Rehost 
  • Replatform 
  • Repurchase 
  • Retire 
  • Retain 
  • Refactor 

    Working based on added value through these six scenarios, we map your application landscape. Depending on technical and business characteristics, we determine the best way to continue or discontinue an application’s lifecycle. After the inventory, we create a plan, always focusing on added value. It outlines the care applications require to best support the business, minimize costs, and remain compliant. Many organizations quickly accumulate hundreds of applications, while multinationals may have thousands. We assist in establishing the right governance and management to create an agile and future-proof application landscape. 

    Macaw & Microsoft: The strategic partners for modernizing your application landscape

    Looking for an experienced, driven, and successful Microsoft Partner? Macaw has over 25 years of expertise in the Microsoft stack, highly qualified professionals, and diverse experience gained from working with clients such as Heineken and Tata Steel. We are capable of providing the best solution for every customer. 

    Power Platform in practice

    For example, we previously assisted FrieslandCampina in transitioning to the Microsoft Power Platform. By migrating existing apps and rapidly building data-driven solutions, FrieslandCampina expects to save over 272,000 work hours. Furthermore, the migration has provided them with cost efficiency and flexibility. 

    Modernize your application landscape right now

    The market and your employees are constantly changing and raising their expectations. A modern application landscape empowers your organization to respond quickly and even anticipate these changes. With a modern application landscape, you uncover opportunities and turn them into value. Do you want to rely on and build upon future-proof technology? We are here to help you transform. Download our whitepaper for practical information to get started, or contact us for more information. 

    How do you make your application-landscape future-proof?

    Innovating your application landscape will give your organization greater agility, speed, efficiency, cost savings and compliance. What’s the best approach? This whitepaper provides you with tools and tips. Download the whitepaper directly or read more here.

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    Making your application landscape future-ready
    Innovating your application landscape will give your organisation more agility, speed, efficiency, cost savings and compliancy. How to best approach this? This white paper gives you tools and tips.
    Start App Innovation in your organisation with these 6 R's
    To guide the process of App innovation and optimise the move to the cloud, we distinguish the 6 Rs. Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Retire, Retain & Refactor. Each "R" is a possible migration strategy for the applications.
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