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We do everything with our smartphones nowadays: check our email, arrange insurance, even pay for our groceries. You name it – there’s already an app for it. So how come we don’t use them widely in the workplace to support us? With business apps you can simplify processes, bring information together and have more time to improve your services and products.

Build Your Own Business Apps

Business applications are emerging as the accelerator of your organization’s digital transformation. Using a low-code/ no-code platform such as the Microsoft Power Platform, you can empower your employees to digitize and automate processes themselves in an accessible way. Processes currently still run in static Excel documents or even on paper are easily converted into digital apps, for speed, efficiency and reduced chance of error.

What’s more, you’re no longer completely dependent on the IT department to get innovations off the ground quickly. Based on available data, every employee can speed up their work with an app. The underlying aim is to give employees more autonomy to make changes quickly and encourage employee empowerment.

Business Apps in Practice

Both internally and externally, there are possibilities everywhere for optimizing and digitizing processes with business applications.

One great example of where technology is making a difference in the Finance industry is the automation of loan applications, which can be processed a lot faster when traditional credit analysis is combined with algorithms. This is good news for your employees: they have more time to serve customers, as they know much sooner whether an application has been approved or rejected. Increasing numbers of insurance companies are also using apps with cognitive functions in order to process claims automatically as much as possible.

Another example comes from manufacturing, where service technicians or production workers often lack their own laptop, or even a company email account. As a result, they’re poorly connected with the organization and dependent on bulletin boards or briefings to stay informed about what’s going on. What they do have, however, is a smartphone. With a smart app, you can ensure that information is within easy reach and exchange paper timetables for digital versions available anytime and anywhere.

Another area where apps can save a huge amount of time is online booking of meeting rooms and online time registration. During the coronavirus crisis, Microsoft and Macaw developed a handy app that employees can use in all their organization’s offices to find and reserve a desk easily and safely. The app has been implemented for many companies like BAM.


App Innovation

Low-code/ no-code platforms are also having an impact in accelerating innovation. With more and more organizations eager to experiment with new services or processes, Microsoft’s Power Platform offers an ideal environment for quickly setting up an app that enables new ideas to be tested with users. If the test is successful, further development work can then start quickly and distribution and management can be easily arranged. And if the idea turns out to be a flop, there’s no harm done, as the development costs are zero.

Develop a Business App Quickly and Easily in One Day

Macaw is a strategic partner of Microsoft and technology leader, and our experts in the creation of low-code apps are convinced of the potency of the Microsoft Power Platform. Do you have a concept that will allow you to speed up or digitize your daily activities? Try out the Power Platform for free at our App In A Day Workshop. In a single day, under the guidance of Macaw and Microsoft experts, you will independently create an app that you can directly use in your organization.

Want to get started with a business app?
Then take part in the App In A Day Workshops from Microsoft and Macaw and create your own app in a single day – without writing any code!

BNG Bank builds robust Power App for recording risks

BNG Bank may want to offer its employees the opportunity in the future to develop applications themselves and increase productivity in this way. With traditional programming environments, this is time-consuming and expensive. The bank developed a pilot application together with Macaw to manage risks, mitigating measures and the monitoring of the measures. The use of Power Apps led to a much shorter turnaround time than with the traditional method, lower costs and a robust app.  Like to know how BNG Bank uses it to accelerate, digitize and reduce the chance of human errors in its business processes?


Flamingo App for Imbema

Meet Flamingo – a custom app developed specifically for Imbema to make analyzing hoses and their usage much easier. Principally, each hose was equipped with an individual NFC chip, providing them with unique IDs. By scanning these chips through the Flamingo app, all relevant data concerning the specific hose can be collected in an instant.

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