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Online communication channel for Jumbo


Communication channel: fast, innovative and structured

Jumbo is one of the largest and fastest-growing supermarket chains in the Netherlands. Their main strength is that every customer has the exact same experience, no matter which of the 600 stores he or she enters. In order to guarantee this distinct brand experience, effective communication between the head office, stores, employees and part-timers – now 60,000 in total – is necessary. In fact, this is the key to staying ahead of the competition.

The head office had a clear vision on how to make this work: provide every employee with access to the precise and necessary Jumbo information required for his or her job, at any time of day. The supermarket chain, therefore, invested a lot in innovation, precisely for streamlining this information. In 2015, JumboNet set up Office 365, but the most important, task-oriented communication between the stores ran via the World Integrated Trade Solution system (WITS). As time passed and this systemized environment was technically still working, the technology became outdated and therefore it no longer actually improved the communication within the organization or the performance.

“A fast, innovative and clear communication channel between Jumbo’s head office and store managers. – Frank Simonis | Jumbo Maarheeze

Office 365 Environment

As per requested by the client, a SCRUM team of Macaw designers and developers took up the task of re-systemizing Jumbo’s communication within the organization. But they went much further than simply shifting the existing functionalities to a future-proof SharePoint Online store dashboard in the Office 365 environment of Jumbo. The SCRUM team took a fresh look at every WITS functionality and with additional input from the Jumbo store managers, a large part of the functionalities were revised and rebuilt in the new, smarter online store dashboard.

SharePoint Online Store Dashboard

The dashboard, containing unique messages for each store, was rebuilt keeping the future in mind. Every store owner was able to instantly see messages from the head office about e.g. changes in shelf layouts or actions, local weather, cargo information and other relevant news. In addition to this, store managers could assign tasks to their employees directly through the system. Once assigned, these tasks are immediately received through Android devices based in-store and managers could monitor the execution.

Ever since the store dashboard was built on SharePoint Online, the performance of the organization has improved significantly, especially pleasing the store managers.

In addition, the dashboard was aligned in terms of look & feel and built as part of the overall JumboNet. This provides the head office with an unambiguous, internal communication channel for all its stores.

A fast, innovative and clear communication channel between Jumbo’s head office and store managers.
To critically analyze the existing communication channel with the Jumbo store managers and transfer it to SharePoint Online in an improved form.
A state of the art dashboard in the cloud, with a contemporary and recognizable look & feel and improved functionality and performance.
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