to cooperate with Baltic Institute of Advanced Technologies

Macaw to cooperate with Baltic Institute of Advanced Technologies

The Dutch information technology company Macaw and the Baltic Institute of Advanced Technologies (BPTI) are starting to cooperate in the development, implementation and application of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions in defence projects.

Every year, more and more funds are allocated for research of various technologies in Lithuania. According to the data of the Lithuanian Department of Statistics, in 2019 alone, almost 500 million was spent on research. This is nearly 30% more than in 2015 (EUR 389 million).

BPTI representative Agnė Rakštytė states that Cooperation between science and business is the future of technology: “Cooperation between science and business is necessary when creating innovations. We want to have a strong partner who can technically implement and adapt the solutions we develop. “Macaw is one of the best IT companies in the Netherlands and has teams of competent specialists in Lithuania and Germany, so we are very happy to have the opportunity to start working with them.”

“The proximity of companies like Macaw allows researchers to better understand market needs and turn ideas into real products that can be used by both companies and public authorities. Such a model of Cooperation is becoming more and more popular all over the world,” says A. Rakštytė.

The Baltic Institute of Advanced Technologies (BPTI) is a private research institute providing research and development services in the fields of high-frequency electronics, artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction. In Cooperation with companies such as Leonardo, Indra, Thales, SAAB, etc., BPTI also actively participates in the European Union’s Framework Program for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020, projects managed by the European Defense Agency and the European Space Agency. .

According to Goda Šniokaitė, the head of Macaw’s Lithuanian division, this and similar cooperation initiatives are common in Western countries – it creates tremendous value for both scientific or research institutions and business.

“I am glad that business and science find common opportunities in Lithuania as well. In the West, especially in the United States, Britain, and Germany, the communion of universities or research institutes is a fairly common thing. This is still relatively new in Lithuania, business is gradually starting to trust universities and research institutes,” says G. Šniokaitė.

“Perhaps this is also due to the fact that research institutions are increasingly working on research and projects that can be easily adapted to business needs. For many years, Lithuania has been famous in the world for laser technology research, but over the last five years, there has been a lot of work in developing artificial intelligence or other much more widely used technologies,” says the head of Macaw in Lithuania.

Macaw is one of the most successful information technology companies not only in the Netherlands but also in the whole of Europe. Macaw works with the largest and most famous companies in the world – Heineken, Volkswagen, Intertrust, BMW and others. The company has offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Lithuania and employs almost 400 professionals.

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