and Northwave start security partnership

Macaw and Northwave start security partnership

Hoofddorp, 20 January 2021 – Data security specialist Northwave and IT service provider Macaw are entering into a partnership to support companies in optimizing their digital security and dealing with new security issues which have arisen because of the changing way that people work and the growing threat of cybercrime.

Research by ABN AMRO and others has shown that the number of cyber incidents is on the increase. Europol too, is seeing an increase and in mid-2020 issued a warning about the huge upswing in cybercrime due to the pandemic. These attacks focus not only on stealing data, but also extorting businesses with ransomware and through phishing attacks.

The greater digital communication and working from home policy increases the likelihood of cyberattacks. Examples of security weaknesses are therefore legion. For example, uninvited ‘phantom participants’ could join digital meetings. Businesses also featured in the news after falling victim to ‘Distributed Denial of Service’ (DDoS) attacks – in which huge volumes of internet traffic are directed towards a website thereby overloading its servers and making the website inaccessible.

Macaw applies a security-by-design principle to all its cloud solutions in the area of data, AI, digital marketing and e-commerce, the modern workplace and business software. Northwave has been helping companies for 15 years now with protecting information, detecting cyber breaches and responding quickly and effectively to cyber incidents. To expand the portfolio and enable both companies to serve their customers even better, as well as strengthen their market position, Northwave and Macaw have entered into a partnership.

About the joint venture, William van der Pijl, CEO of Macaw says: “We have been helping organizations make successful transformations for more than 25 years. Security and compliance form an important part of our standard approach. As a Microsoft Security Gold Partner we have achieved the highest status in all security disciplines. Given that this is a recognition of our knowledge and experience in the field of secure digital solutions, we are very proud of this. At the same time we are constantly looking for ways to make our customers even more successful. We select the best technologies, provide support by helping personnel with the adoption of the technology and look to the future. This means that we look at ways to join forces with other experts and enter into partnerships that will strengthen both parties. The partnership with Northwave is a good example of this. Our companies are an excellent match in terms of vision, culture and customer portfolios. We are therefore looking forward to our fruitful cooperation.”

Through their partnership both companies are sure that their customers’ data security can be optimized and they will be better equipped to deal with cybercrime from the technology, organization and human perspectives. In addition, Northwave’s customers can benefit from support with their digital transformation or acceleration.

“Through our partnership with strong and successful IT service providers we see an answer to the growing number of serious incidents. When you both excel in your own field and invest in close cooperation, customers will benefit. Something that can only be achieved by professional partners who recognize that cyber security requires more than just IT expertise. Macaw is just such an organization and I therefore have high hopes for this partnership,” says Marc de Jong Luneau, VP and CCO of the Northwave Group.

About Northwave

Founded in 2006, Northwave is an interdisciplinary specialist in the field of data security. As the Netherland’s only supplier, Northwave therefore makes it possible to fully outsource information security. Operating from its European Security Operations Center in Utrecht, the company offers a complete package of coordinated cybersecurity services. Security & Privacy as part of Service, Security, Monitoring & Forensic Investigations, as well as software for ensuring that staff observe cyber safety rules. Northwave’s Computer Emergency Response Team is licensed by the Ministry of Justice and Security and is permitted to undertake cyber research work. Northwave has offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium where it employs more than 150 dedicated experts. Their mission: ‘To make excellent data security available to everyone who depends on ICT’. Further information can be found at:

About Macaw

IT service provider Macaw helps large companies with solutions and services in the areas of digital marketing and e-commerce, data and AI, working in the cloud and integrated business applications. Macaw specializes in the software solutions of Microsoft and Sitecore. This enables customers to benefit from the first-class technology and wide-ranging knowledge and experience of its more than 350 employees working from its head office in the Netherlands, as well as offices in Germany and Lithuania. Helping customers such as Heineken, Henkel, Levi’s and ONVZ to be successful.

Macaw’s love of a challenge has created a unique business culture. And the company has been high on the Great Place to Work rankings for many years. 

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