‘cookbook’ to make a Power App

Pragmatic ‘cookbook’ to make a Power App

Cookbooks have always been around. Before the internet age, but also in the twenty-first century. In fact, they seem to be one of the categories that remain popular in print. You have them in funny variations, from making  deceptive desserts to a book called ‘Bugs for Beginners’. However, that a recipe book is not only useful for making a tasty dish shows Eickhel Mendoza. As a Microsoft Business Applications MVP (Most Valuable Professional), he has a great passion for the Microsoft Power Platform and contributed to several community events such as the Power Platform World Tour and the Global Azure Bootcamp. And he has put together a Microsoft Power Apps Cookbook with scenarios for applying Power Apps in the form of easy-to-follow recipes. And if you think this is only for seasoned developers and want to stop reading. Hold on!

Our unicorn Rebekka

Mendoza put together a book full of practical recipes that go beyond official documentation to help you create custom solutions, automate processes, and extend the platform’s capabilities. And our own MVP Rebekka Aalbers helped to review the book. She said: “This book is unique in its own way. In my own bookcase you’ll find some more traditional cookbooks like The Silver Spoon and tons of IT book, but a book with practical and actionable recipes that guides you step by step to build an app that adds value is completely new to me. But I love it!”

As a reviewer, I have to “bake” every solution, and have found firsthand that this is a useful book for any citizen developer and business user looking to build custom applications. I highly recommend it to you, and I hope it brings you as much enjoyment, and most importantly value to your organization, as it does to me. And maybe you will become as passionate about Power Apps as I am, and as passionate as a chocoholic about chocolate.”


The book is available as e-book and paperback via Amazon.

There you’ll find also more information, like the key features, the things you will learn, a description of the book and the table of contents.


Enjoy reading, and enjoy creating! Building applications in a rapid application development environment with increased productivity and speed is more than important than ever to stay ahead of competition and to be relevant.

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