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Content Hub in a Day

Control the entire lifecycle of your organizational content. The Sitecore Content Hub unites content planning, production, collaboration and management in a single, integrated solution. Wondering what the Sitecore Content Hub can do for your organization? Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our consultant.


Content marketing management challenge

The operational side of your content marketing strategy can become a challenge with the large number of channels. How do you streamline content production and planning? And where do you manage it so multiple teams can work with it simultaneously. How do you bring uniformity to your branding on an international level? Content Hub could come across as a buzzword, what are we talking about? The Sitecore Content Hub acts as the central digital location to address all of these challenges and gives you 360° visibility into your organization’s content landscape.

Our digital marketing consultant, Sten Verveen, will take you through the world of Content Hub so you can experience how it can streamline your operational marketing processes.

Learning objectives Content Hub in a day

This workshop is part of the discover phase of our Content Hub Playbook. A great opportunity to experience what the Sitecore Content Hub is all about and what the possible use cases are for your organization. Sten Verveen will take you on a digital tour of the hub, giving you the opportunity to fully explore the system yourself. In an interactive setting you will get to know the Content Hub in a live environment, complemented by exercises of real use cases. Finally, we will be happy to help you discover relevant use cases for your organization and how Macaw can support you through the implementation of the Content Hub if required.

Some of your organization’s challenges where the Sitecore Content Hub can provide a solution:

  • How do I create a structured process around content creation, planning and distribution
  • Can I make all my digital assets, media, product data and other content available in one location?
  • How to increase personalization in your organization’s content marketing approach?
  • Can I use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for labeling and archiving files?


  • We will be demystifying Content Hub together with you
  • You have the opportunity to experience CH yourself on a live CH environment
  • Practice with real use cases of Content Hub customers

Practical Information

  • Location: online
  • Date: May, April
  • For whom: Head of Digital, Head of CX, Content Managers, Marketing Managers & Directors, Ecommerce Managers
  • Participants: 4-8 people
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Costs: none – you can spar for an hour without obligation

Content Hub

Want to know more about the Sitecore Content Hub? And how you can create and distribute all your content efficiently? Then get in touch with us! As a Platinum Sitecore partner, we have the experience you need and would be happy to help you find out how Sitecore Content Hub could be applied to your organization.

Want to experience Sitecore Content Hub for yourself?

Discuss the opportunities and possibilities of Content Hub for your organization with our Digital Marketing Consultant.

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