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Effective online collaboration within your organization?
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Digitization within the business world has accelerated since the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us now work from home, and for plenty of organizations these changes will be permanent. How can you ensure that collaboration within your organization is set up and runs optimally? Read more.

Succesful online collaboration in the cloud

Working from home and flexible working are increasingly becoming the norm in the business world. This shift requires reliable solutions, and working in the cloud plays an important role here. When most of the employees in an organization collaborate online, entire business processes and ways of working automatically change as a result. We like to reverse this process for organizations. In our approach, we focus not just on the technology, but on how employees want to collaborate online. We start by analyzing the composition of your organization and the needs of your employees; then we adapt the technology to the business processes.  Starting with the drive to connect employees and digital business processes, Macaw uses the tools in Microsoft 365 to help organizations quickly set up the perfect digital workplace for employees. The most suitable digital tools are selected, and we then migrate all necessary business data and documents to the cloud. As a result, your employees can get started at once with a workflow that’s tailored to your organization.

The strength of Microsoft 365 is that the general work processes and the latest information are housed in a single online environment. This creates a platform on which employees can access the Microsoft Office products, and hence collaborate, from any device, anytime, anywhere. When multiple people can work on the same document at the same time, it’s good for an organization’s agility.

For more specific processes and specialist activities, this online environment is created with Microsoft 365, using tools such as Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI. When developing digital workplaces, the focus is mainly on increasing and optimizing employee productivity and on ease of use of collaborative online processes.

Smart collaboration and macaw

The way we see things at Macaw, collaboration is always part of a bigger picture, such as the digitization of business processes. We believe it’s important not just to apply technology and tools, but above all to use them for optimal employee support. Collaboration is the core of this process, in which autonomous employees work together in project or other teams with the aim of achieving the best results for your organization. The process starts with guiding the employees in your organization in the use of the right tools. What tools do employees use in which situations and how can they use them to collaborate online? We then use technology to enable employees to carry out their work effectively, so as to finally create a workflow that’s adapted to the organization in order to optimize this smart collaboration.

Communicate and collaborate online with Microsoft Teams

The creation of a digital workflow will be different for every organization. A tool that plays a key role in many digital transitions is Microsoft Teams. Using this communication and collaboration platform, employees can work on documents in real time. Teams always provides you with the latest information and tooling in one central location. Integration with various Office apps such as Docs, Excel, Outlook, Yammer and SharePoint simplifies the transfer of information. Because employees can always work simultaneously in documents and can communicate through chat, mail and meeting functionalities, there are no further obstacles to collaboration in the cloud. With the arrival of all kinds of apps in Teams, we’re even seeing Teams developing further into a platform from which employees can also steer and increase their productivity.

Getting started with online collaboration

Are you ready to digitize business processes and improve online collaboration company-wide? Or are you looking for ways to help your staff work together more efficiently? Our experts are ready to advise you.

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Online communication channel for Jumbo

Jumbo is one of the largest and fastest-growing supermarket chains in the Netherlands. Their main strength is that every customer has the exact same experience, no matter which of the 600 stores he or she enters. In order to guarantee this distinct brand experience, effective communication between the head office, stores, employees and part-timers – now 60,000 in total – is necessary. In fact, this is the key to staying ahead of the competition.

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