Macaw Managed Services: Guaranteeing Continuity and Powering Innovation

Macaw takes care of your IT and facilitates continuity and growth.
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New digital solutions need to continuously deliver value, streamline tasks for employees, and simply work. Macaw Managed Services take care of your needs, support your employees, keep your entire digital landscape secure and in top condition so that you can focus on achieving your business objectives.

What are Managed Services? 

Organizations are increasingly outsourcing their IT to better focus on their core activities. Moreover, deep expertise in software development, implementation, and maintenance is scarce. Outsourcing management is often cost-effective in the long run because it eliminates the need to establish a large internal IT department. For example, cybersecurity is specialized work that requires 24/7 monitoring, which most companies cannot adequately handle on their own. Macaw has experts with a wide range of skills to quickly and efficiently solve problems. 

Why choose Macaw Managed Services? 

Did we build your new infrastructure, website, application, data platform, or any other digital service? Then we can also manage it for you based on the strength of a sustainable partnership. The better we know each other, the better we can help you and facilitate growth. This way, you extract maximum value from digital solutions for years to come. What makes our approach unique? We always reason and act based on added value. The person who builds your solution remains your point of contact for support and further development. This enables quick, smooth, and cost-effective communication. It is no wonder that our customers give our services an average rating of 8.6. 

Cloud and Infrastructure Management 

Digital technology is the essential prerequisite for your business operations. That’s why we establish a solid and innovative foundation with Microsoft Azure, where you can work and grow limitlessly. Through proactive maintenance and development, we ensure optimal performance and minimal costs. Safety first! It’s good to know that infrastructure, data platforms, and business apps are under the security umbrella of Microsoft. We keep you up and running. 

Application Management 

Applications require management throughout their entire lifecycle, but it doesn’t need to be continuous. That’s why it’s not cost-effective to have an in-house team of application administrators. Application Management is like a maintenance contract for your central heating system, but at Macaw, we take it to the next level. 

We prevent issues by ensuring a seamless transition from development to management. We add members of the application management team to the project, keeping knowledge, documentation, and risks in focus, making management cost-efficient. Are you spending a lot of time keeping (old) Microsoft technology up and running? Outsource it so that your colleagues can better focus on adding value. 

Functional Management 

The CEO needs to finish his presentation within 3 hours, but something goes wrong. If your own help desk can’t resolve a question about Microsoft 365, including Teams, PowerApps, and Power BI, Macaw is ready to quickly resolve it regardless of the time or place. We also take care of subscription and license management so that you can always collaborate smoothly, even after a merger or acquisition. In addition to support for the Microsoft suite, as a long-standing Platinum Implementation Partner, we also offer the best support for Sitecore to ensure the smooth operation of your webshop and campaigns. Our strength in support? We only close tickets when you confirm that the problem is resolved. 

Macaw gives you room to grow 

Digital technology should always deliver value. Macaw develops, manages, and facilitates your growth. Do you want to work worry-free? Or are you curious about what Macaw can do for your organization? Contact us for more information. 

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Microsoft & Macaw: strategic partners in digital transformation

Looking for an experienced, driven, and successful Microsoft Partner? Macaw has over 25 years of expertise in the Microsoft stack, the most qualified people, and diverse experience through our work for clients such as Heineken and TataSteel. We are capable of delivering the best solution for every customer. Want to know more about our partnerships?

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Years of experience as a full service digital partner.
Customers which we help to be more successful. Brands like Heineken, T-mobile, Schmitz Cargobull and KLM.
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Core partnerships: Microsoft Gold Partner & Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner
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