& Macaw: Governance Workshop

Microsoft & Macaw: Governance Workshop

Get started with governance and shape a resilient and manageable Microsoft 365.

Workshop Governance

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Microsoft 365 is a wonderful platform, but governance is required. In the Macaw Governance Workshop we discuss all the relevant topics that are important in order to implement and govern Microsoft 365 within your organization in a future-proof way.  


You can do so much within Microsoft 365 and functionalities are constantly being added. But this is also a great pitfall: if you don’t have your governance in order within your organization, then both your employees and IT department will get completely lost in no time. 

A lack of governance not only negatively influences the ability to find all your business-critical documents, but also for example the security and compliance of your Microsoft 365 environment.  

With the help of clear frameworks, you can prevent your colleagues from working in a haphazard way within Microsoft 365 and make sure the entire organization is always on the same page: ‘this is the way we work’. 

Learning objective

‘Governance’ is a particularly broad concept. During the Macaw Governance Workshop, all the relevant topics on governance and Microsoft 365 will be covered. From service management to information security, from backups to communication and adoption.  

After all, governance and adoption go hand in hand: governance is the ‘hard’ side, with clear rules and agreements, while adoption is the ‘soft’ side, which you use to help your employees get as much as possible out of the tooling, in order to make their daily tasks easier, more efficient, and more fun. 

We’ll also look at your specific organization: where are you with respect to governance, and where do you want to be?   

Workshop content

Taking stock of the current situation. Using a pre-prepared checklist, first we go through all the important items regarding governance and your Microsoft 365 environment. We also identify your current and desired governance situation.  

Focus on components. In an ideal world, the entire governance plan would be implemented before your organization gets started with Microsoft 365. However, within this plan, some components are more important than others. You’ll find out which components they are during the workshop. 

Developing the first governance plan. By taking stock of the current situation, the desired situation, and the most essential governance components, we can implement a first governance plan. This general plan provides insight into which actions need to be taken to ensure that your organization can use or continue using all Microsoft 365 services securely, and in a future-proof way. 


Not only will you get a clearer picture of governance regarding your Microsoft 365 environment, but the workshop will also provide you with concrete tools to help your IT department to design and maintain a manageable and user-friendly Microsoft 365 environment.  

Practical matters

Target audience: Functional administrators, IT managers, HR managers, CTO, CHRO
Price: on request 
Location: Online or location

Online or location

Reserve a place now for this workshop on how to make Microsoft 365 safe and manageable. 


Workshop Governance

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