app facilitates better digital collaboration between homeworkers

New app facilitates better digital collaboration between homeworkers

IT service provider Macaw releases a new app to help organizations allow their employees to work effectively and efficiently with Microsoft 365. In times of structural digital collaboration, employees want a clear way of working. Good manageability of the Microsoft 365 environment by the IT department is also more important than ever before.

Working from home

A survey by TNO revealed that at the end of 2020, almost half (48 per cent) of the employed population in the Netherlands worked at home, and that almost 1 in 4 employees want to continue mostly working from home after the COVID-19 pandemic. However, working conditions for homeworkers are not yet ideal. For example, 45 per cent of homeworkers indicated that they need extra resources in order to create a good working environment.

Digital workplace

“Digital working has had a huge boost over the past year and we’re seeing a lot of questions from companies about how they can best support their teams in order to create a digital workplace and work and collaborate effectively”, explains William van der Pijl, CEO of Macaw. “We want to help them request the right collaboration tool in order to work with colleagues, clients and partners as quickly and easily as possible. We also want to make it simpler to manage the IT environment and ensure that employees always have the right access, wherever they are. It’s a huge challenge to organize this due to shadow IT, different systems, changing roles and new or outgoing employees. The app makes things a lot easier.”

Collaboration Request App

Macaw has developed the Collaboration Request App, which helps organizations with an efficient provisioning process and a stable design for digital collaboration. It also contributes to the internal manageability of the Microsoft 365 environment. With this app, employees can request a new collaboration environment within Microsoft 365 in a user-friendly way. It also helps employees to choose the right environment when they want to perform a specific task. Based on user needs, the app recommends the use of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or Yammer.

At a glance

The app:

  • Supports internal and external digital collaboration;
  • Encourages a clear way of working and structure within Microsoft 365;
  • Simplifies the management of Microsoft 365;
  • Provides structure within Microsoft 365, thus improving findability;
  • Is user-friendly for all employees;
  • Supports Microsoft Teams and SharePoint templates and data security scenarios;
  • Can easily be extended with functions that are geared to the organization’s specific needs and in accordance with the Microsoft 365 license.


This solution is developed on the Microsoft Power Platform and is available as an app and as a chatbot. For more information see: Collaboration Request App.

About Macaw

IT service provider Macaw helps large companies with solutions and services in the areas of digital marketing and e-commerce, data and AI, working in the cloud and integrated business applications. Macaw specializes in the software solutions of Microsoft and Sitecore. This enables customers to benefit from the first-class technology and wide-ranging knowledge and experience of its more than 350 employees working from its head office in the Netherlands, as well as offices in Germany and Lithuania. Helping customers such as Heineken, Henkel, Levi’s and ONVZ to be successful.

Macaw’s love of a challenge has created a unique business culture. And the company has been high on the Great Place to Work rankings for many years.

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