& Macaw: Adoption Workshop

Microsoft & Macaw: Adoption Workshop

Get to work on optimising the adoption of your solution and shape your own adoption plan. Read more about the goals of this workshop and register.

Workshop Adoption

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As an organization, you often already have excellent digital tools: but your employees actually need to use them! How do you make sure they do? You’ll learn how during the Macaw Adoption Workshop!  


From a technical perspective, your organization is ready for online working and collaboration. Microsoft 365—with Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, and Tasks—is available to all your employees. This is especially useful now that the workplace is going digital at breakneck speed. 

There’s just one problem: your employees are still using email, phone calls and their own ‘unsafe’ solutions to share content. You may wonder why. But ask yourself: have you actually identified the needs of the different users (in other words your colleagues?). And have you included them in the entire process, from designing to developing and rolling out your solutions? 

When it comes to adoption, often there is still so much more to be done, and yet this aspect is crucial in order for your solutions to succeed.   

Learning objective

In order to make sure that users want to start using your solution, first it’s important to identify the different user groups. What do they need? What exactly are their requirements and wishes? It’s only when all this is clear that you can select suitable adoption tools and formulate an adoption and communication plan. All this will be covered during the Macaw Adoption Workshop.  

Workshop content

The Macaw Adoption Workshop consists of three parts: 

Taking stock of personas. In order to identify user needs, we create in-depth personas: who are the users exactly? How old are they, which devices do they use and how do they view change, for example? 

Selecting adoption tools. Different personas have differing needs. With this in mind, we select adoption material that matches these personas. This material consists of training, digital buddies, coaching and/or newsletters, specifically for the personas created, but also for the entire organization, in order to ensure that the adoption rate is as high as possible. 

Adoption plan and investment. Using the personas created and the selected adoption material, we also put together an adoption plan during the workshop. This is a general plan: after the workshop we translate it into a detailed adoption plan with the help of the Microsoft ADKAR model. 


Upon completion of the Macaw Adoption Workshop, you’ll have a clear picture of your solution’s end users: what are their needs and which adoption material fits them best? With the adoption plan formulated, you can then get started right away, to take the adoption of your solutions to a higher level.

Practical matters

Who for? Functional administrators, IT managers, HR managers, CTO, CHRO
Price: on request 
Location: online
Date: on reuest

Adoption Workshop
To be decided

Register for this workshop and get started using the adoption plan that you will drawn up. 


Workshop Adoption

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