started/Smarter cloud organization with Macaw’s Application Assessment

Smarter cloud organization with Macaw’s Application Assessment

App Innovation: Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Retire, Retain & Refactor. Through an assessment, Macaw will help you determine the right strategy for innovating your IT landscape.

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The migration to the cloud has turned into a mass exodus over the last two years. Almost all companies have moved at least part of their business to the cloud. It’s a smart step to take. Now is the time to push ahead to achieve even better returns on this investment – putting you on track for a scalable, reliable and secure application landscape.  

Most businesses have a considerable number of applications. Sometimes applications are partly cloud-based and partly on-premise, but in practice they aren’t always well coordinated with one another. We strongly recommend reorganizing, rationalizing and optimizing your applications. In doing so you will achieve:  

  • Agility and speed. An agile application landscape will improve your ability to respond to customer requirements. Those requirements are constantly changing, and a smart application landscape will move with the changes. 
  • Efficiency and cost savings. With cloud-native applications you can upscale and downscale, only paying for what you actually use. But that’s not the only way you save: the management and maintenance of your application landscape are also much more cost-efficient in the cloud.  
  • Security and compliance. Laws and regulations are subject to constant change. With a modern application landscape in the cloud, your security is up to date, ensuring that, together with your cloud and application suppliers, you always comply with applicable laws and regulations.  

At Macaw, we use the ‘6R application modernization assessment’ to determine how applications are organized in the cloud. This is a holistic evaluation that scrutinizes the application landscape. In this assessment, we look not only at the technical aspects, but also at the business, organization, security and compliance side of things. 

The 6R Model

Each R is a possible migration strategy for your landscape. In the roadmap we define a clear migration strategy for each application. How does this look in practice? 

  • Rehost: Reuse the application in another hardware environment in a cloud infrastructure (IaaS). We also refer to this as Lift & Shift. 
  • Replatform: Here we identify and modernize parts of the application as elements of a cloud process, i.e. Lift & Evolve. 
  • Repurchase: Replace the application with a similar application in the portfolio or move to an equivalent from a package application (SaaS). 
  • Refactor: The application’s codebase is taken in hand and modernized. Workloads are relocated to cloud-native architecture: from IaaS to PaaS. 
  • Retire: Do you still need everything? Anything that’s no longer being used can go. Superfluous applications are phased out. 
  • Retain: There’s always the option of not doing anything, and that can be smart. There can be many reasons for this, but those reasons should be reviewed regularly. 

How much does an assessment cost? 

The investment in your application landscape depends on the number of applications that are covered. Contact our experts and they will help put together an assessment for your organisation.

What’s included in the assessment? 

  • Business value workshop providing insight into the organization’s USPs. 
  • Application stocktake, in which the link is made to the USPs from the business value workshop, the application’s target groups, and its role and description. 
  • 6R assessment of 10, 20 or 30 applications, during which the justification and categorization of the applications are set out. 
  • On the basis of the 6R assessment a proposal is made for how an application transition/consolidation program might look. 
  • Review of all applications on the 6R list. 
  • Review of the transition/consolidation program in order to arrive at a concrete program. 


    An agile application landscape will improve your ability to respond to customer requirements. Those requirements are constantly changing, and a smart application landscape will move with the changes. 

    Efficiency and cost savings

    With our proven approach and our team of experts, you will benefit from a valuable program, delivering immediate results and guaranteeing your success in the cloud! 

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