‘Glossy Talk’ voor Maybelline New York

Live-Format 'Glossy Talk' voor Maybelline New York


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Maybelline New York has been picking up on international beauty trends for decades and providing customers with the latest innovations in make-up. With “Glossy Talk” the L’Oréal brand has since 2016 been targeting a younger audience who want to learn more about beauty vloggers, international testimonials like Adriana Lima or the products themselves.

After winning the pitch, Macaw expanded the chat hour in 2018, hosted by YouTuber and influencer Mrs. Bella, thereby bringing the branded content format more alive for the female target group.

“Maybelline Coffee Bar” becomes the hub for all communication

In order to achieve maximum reach for the already established format and at the same time bring viewers closer to “Glossy Talk”, Macaw is leveraging its many years of expertise in the areas of digital and events. The planning and execution of a “Glossy Talk” roadshow will lead the team to six hip cafés in major German cities, which – transformed into the “Maybelline Coffee Bar” – serve as the hub for all communication measures.

Live production in front of an audience brings “Glossy Talk” alive

Produced in front of a live audience, “Glossy Talk” is being broadcast among other things via Facebook Livestream with the opportunity for the community to address their questions to Mrs. Bella and her celebrity guests. Fans on-site also have the opportunity to actively participate in the show and get made up and receive advice from Boris Entrup. The tutorial series “Glossy Talk Stories” with the well-known make-up artist offers additional high-quality content from the “Maybelline Coffee Bar”.

The Maybelline roadshow is being promoted via social ads, out-of-home measures, native ads as well as influencer and press events. This will take branded content to the next level across all disciplines.

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Maybelline New York wants to make the established format "Glossy Talk" more experiential for the younger and primarily female target group.
A "Glossy Talk" roadshow in six modern locations in Germany serves as the hub for all communicative measures.
The live production on location offers both the guests who are present and the community on Facebook the opportunity to actively participate in the format - and fans of the brand are actively making use of it.
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