Planner App: supports the new way of working

Desk Planner App: supports the new way of working

After a period of ‘forced’ working from home, many organizations experienced that this could be the fundament for the new way of working. As offices slowly open, there is also an urge to create a balance between working from home and the office. A challenge for HR and facilities teams to facilitate this new way of working and secure the health and safety of their employees at the same time.

Desk Planner App

Macaw has created a mobile solution to address this challenge: the Desk Planner. A back to the office App provides employees with an easy way of finding and reserving a desk within all buildings of the organization. It not only helps to easily find a desk it also ensures that the maximum amount of people allowed within a building is managed. The App allows employers to facilitate their staff in the best possible way regarding social distancing, hygiene guidelines and other regulations from national institutes for public health.

As Macaw we build a digital solution, which is user friendly, support all the Covid-19 related processes, which apply now and are expected for the future. The Desk Planner App is a Power Apps solution developed on the proven Microsoft Power Platform which is flexible and easy to adjust/expand  (also by the organizational IT team).

As this App has been launched in beginning of the COVID-19 period, it has already been implemented at many organizations globally and it proved that this solution:

  • is user friendly  (no guide needed)
  • truly supports the first back to the office activities
  • is easy to expand with new features (add-ons)
  • is secure as it fits perfectly in the Office 365 environment
  • fits within your Office 365 license

Way to proceed

The Desk Planner App template is available for every organization, free of charge. The template will soon be available on the Microsoft App Source. There are several ways to proceed further through these 4 options:

1. Roll out the Free template Desk Planner App Standard yourself

Request the free template via the yellow contact button (also soon to be available in the Microsoft App Source) and roll it out yourself.

2. Macaw can configure & deploy the standard  App template within 3 days for € 3.500,-

With our experience we can roll out the app within 3 days. Check out the FAQ below if your needs/wishes are covered. In case you have more questions, it’s easy to set up an informative call. Just reach out to Macaw via the yellow contact button, please.

3. Possible Add-ons on the standard App template 

In case the standard template doesn’t cover all your needs/wishes, Macaw is able to configure and deploy add-ons for your organizational app. To inspire you with some of the possibilities:

  • Manage in- and out-flow for your buildings:
    To avoid crowded entrance areas of buildings, users not only have to select an available desk but also have to select an available entry and exit time-slot when making a Desk reservation.
  • Language support:
    This feature allows the admin of the Desk Planner App to add translations for their implementation of the App. A user of the App can select the preferred language from the available languages.
  • Push notifications:
    This feature allows the Admin of the Desk Planner App to manage a set of notifications that will be pushed to users during an active Desk reservation
  • And more…

Want to learn more about all the add-ons and how Macaw can configure and deploy these in your Desk Planner App within a couple of days, contact us via the yellow contact button, please.

4. Also possible to transfer/develop the standard Desk Planner App towards Common Data Service

In case you have more wishes and need more requirements/features, which will have impact on the data capacity (read performance), then Macaw is able to transfer/develop the Desk Planner App towards the Common Data Service.  With the use of CDS you are able to include extra features, insights, auditable activities, chatbot and much more. Interested, contact us via the yellow contact button, please.


What kind of licenses do I need?
This template has been built using the Power Platform in combination with SharePoint Online and therefore O365 licenses (E1, E3, E5, F1) are sufficient. If you have a Power Apps premium license more functionality can be added making use of the premium features of the platform.

What is the maximum capacity of the App?
The app currently supports up to 10 office buildings and 200 desks per building. Due to all of the COVID-19 measures that need to be taken the maximum capacity of your office buildings will likely be around 30% or 40% for the coming months. This means that the desk planner app is suitable for organizations with buildings that could accommodate up to 500 employees in the pre-COVID-19 situation.

Do we need an App per office building?
No, see the answer on the previous question.

How is the security and governance covered?
The desk planner app is built on the Power Platform. The app will be installed on your tenant which means that all of the security and governance measures you have put in place will be respected. Macaw does not collect or process your data.

Is the App GDPR / AVG compliant?
Yes, see the answer on the previous question. Since the app is installed in your own tenant all of the regular Microsoft GDPR / AVG measures  are respected. Please visit the Microsoft trust center for more information.

How do employees log in to the App?
The app will be installed in your own tenant which means that employees will be able to log in using their regular work account.

Where do the employees find the App?
Through the Power Apps app in the IOS  or Android Store. You can share a link to the app through email or other communication channels.

Am I able to add my own functionality to the app?
Yes, you become the owner of the template we provide to you. You will be able to extend the app although it is advised to request any changes through Macaw.

How does the app determine if there is a desk available?
A list of area’s with the number of workspaces or desks is part of the solution. Your available area’s and workspaces will be added to the solution and can easily be customized whenever necessary. When an employee selects a date the app will check the availability based on the number of existing bookings for that day. Only desks in area’s with available space are available for booking. See the “What is the maximum capacity of the app” question for more information about the maximum number of reservations per day.

Can an administrator delete, change or make a reservation for someone else?
Yes, that is possible through the back-end of the app.

Will a reservation be shown in the Outlook calendar of an employee?
Not yet, but realizing this is possible within the installation / customization period of 3 days.

Can we specify the resources available on certain desks (e.g. Thin client, multiple screens, etc.)?
Not yet, but realizing this is possible within the installation / customization period of 3 days. The exact list of available resources needs to be discussed.

Can I add my company branding to the app?
Yes, you can style the app with your own colors and logo’s.

Is the App available in other languages than English?
The template is in English but it is possible to translate the app within the installation / customization period of 3 days.

How do we support this App?
Through your service center or Macaw. If you wish to have Macaw support the app, please contact us.

Want to know more?

Please contact us for more information about the special offer including information regarding configuration, conditions etc. and/or to request the free Desk Planner App standard template.

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