relaunch for Thermomix® International

Website relaunch for Thermomix® International


Data-driven user experience for IoT champion

For more than 130 years, Vorwerk has stood for quality and exceptional sales. With the digitalized Thermomix® TM5, the Wuppertal-based family business is also writing a real success story in the field of the Internet of Things – because customer experience is being placed at the heart of the multifunctional food processor. This experience is now also to be given greater focus on the brand’s international websites. For the relaunch of the international Thermomix® websites, Macaw is therefore focusing on a stronger emotionalization of the product along with data-driven user experience.

An emotional look that puts brand experience at the focus

“How does Thermomix® change and improve the cooking experience?”

This is the question that Macaw is focusing on in relaunching the Thermomix® websites. To this end, various user needs have been identified in extensive target group analyses, which have then been converted into corresponding user flows for very different interests and information needs. The functionality and special technology of the kitchen multi-talent still play a major role in the deeper information structure of the site. From now on, however, the focus of communication is to be on people and their possibilities to use the Thermomix® ecosystem in their own everyday lives – including the recipe platform “Cookidoo” and “cooking experience”. By highlighting the unique selling points of Thermomix® compared to the mounting competition, brand recognition and loyalty to the brand are to be boosted yet again.

The emotionalization of the product is being supported by a new visual design for the country websites, where strong images and explanatory animations are being assigned greater weight within the framework of the corporate design. Especially on the start page, the brand promise and all the individual benefits of the device are being made easier to understand.


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Thermomix® wants to achieve a stronger emotionalization of the product on its international websites.
Extensive target group analyses enable the identification of different user needs, which are then converted into corresponding user flows for very different information requirements.
A data-driven user experience on the country websites, in which emotional images and explanatory animations are assigned greater weight.
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