thriving with a new CRM system

Quooker thriving with a new CRM system


Dynamics 365, the cloud solution for CRM

When boiling water tap manufacturer Quooker realized that their existing CRM system from 2011 had become seriously outdated and support would soon come to an end, the company started searching for a new solution. That solution became Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Macaw was called in to help implement it.

“We had used the Microsoft CRM system of 2011 throughout our dealer network for a long time,” says Vera Crijns, business analyst at Quooker and project leader of the CRM project. “It was a great solution in terms of functionality, but as soon as Microsoft’s support came to an end, it was clear that we had to look for an alternative. Considering the great experiences we had with Microsoft CRM 2011, we decided to continue working with Microsoft”. Quooker chose Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s cloud solution for CRM, as their soon-to-be new CRM system and brought Macaw in to implement it.

Crijns: “While working closely with a technical and functional consultant from Macaw, we started with a thorough analysis of our requirements and desires.”

“We worked together to sort out user stories and map out what had to be done. Next, we set out to work on the design of the new system”. Quooker took advantage of this transition to optimize various other processes as well. For example, a new link was built with the financial package, so the exchange of data could take place more efficiently and effectively. In 2018, Quooker began to make the transition in phases, so they could optimize adoption per country and to give all end-users per country sufficient time. That summer the Netherlands were the first to do so. The remaining countries were transferred to the system during the second half of the year. Quooker’s approach was as standardized as possible. By the end of 2018, the project was complete.

Advantages of Dynamics CRM

According to Crijns, the new system offers quite a few advantages. “First of all, the new link with the financial system provides much more detailed information in the CRM system. Previously, account managers could only find global turnover figures; now they can do so on a detailed level. They can see which individual models and parts have been sold per dealer. Furthermore, we now have a more structured system, with access to certain data based on role or geography. A Dutch account manager, for example, only has access to Dutch data. Not to mention, all information can now also be accessed via tablet or smartphone. This was not possible with the old system, therefore, account managers didn’t always have access to the most up-to-date information. Luckily, now they can look over any data just before a visit if any specific issues require attention. Moreover, the new system also offers us the opportunity to get in touch with end-users. We did have access to end-users’ data in our previous system, however, it was difficult to access. The new system offers a very easy way to reach this group with mailings and newsletters”.

CRM in the cloud

According to Crijns, the fact that the new system runs in the cloud ensures that new functionalities become available quickly and management is not required. Acquiring the new system went very smoothly. “We appointed one key user per country, who collected all issues and passed them on to the head office. Together with Macaw, we reviewed those issues and determined what to do. All in all, we now look back at this project as excellent and see all the various benefits it brought us in the field of CRM. Macaw’s broad knowledge and exceptional support played a fundamental role in this”.

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When boiling water tap manufacturer Quooker realized that their existing CRM system had become seriously outdated and support would soon come to an end, the company started searching for a new solution.
Quooker brought Macaw in to implement Dynamics 365 - Microsoft's cloud solution for CRM.
Quooker looks back on a great project that has brought them numerous benefits in the field of CRM.
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