Your Optimal Customer Journey Using Personas 2.0!

Create Your Optimal Customer Journey Using Personas 2.0!

Want to create an optimal customer journey in 2022? Our expert gives you tips on how to create high-quality personas to help you create killer content: personas 2.0. We then show you how to use these insights and create a customer journey map in which every touchpoint offers added value.

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Create the best customer journey!

Brand loyalty is a thing of the past. Customers choose the experience over the brand that offers the experience. A personalized customer journey, in which every touchpoint adds value, is therefore key! This begins with understanding your target audience and making proactive use of the resulting insights. As marketers, we address this challenge by working with personas and mapping out the customer journey.

The only problem is that in practice, it often turns out to be difficult to create these personas and turn them into concrete plans successfully. You may be familiar with this difficulty: the personas are often too simplistic and black and white, making it hard to really do much with them and diminishing their added value.

Personas 2.0

In this webinar you will learn how to create high-quality personas that really help you create new content: personas 2.0. Based on customer examples and the knowledge we have acquired, we show you which insights are valuable and what you should leave out when setting up your persona. This will directly increase the chance that your target group will feel connected to your brand or, better still, gain confidence in your brand.

Customer Journey Optimization

Once you have created your persona, it’s also important to do something with it. Taking the next step is often difficult: how do you start using it? We explain how to start creating a carefully designed customer journey map. Through which channels can customers approach you? What does that say about customer needs? Do we have the information customers are looking for? Is that information in the right place? We walk you through the process and show you how to take the next steps.

Webinar Takeaways

  • Personas 2.0: you will rapidly learn how to set up personas that really make an impact.
  • Setting up an effective customer journey map.
  • Tips & tricks from the experts based on practical examples.
  • Cheat sheet – personas and customer journey mapping

Create the best customer journey!

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